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5.28.2013 Daily Bears Report: 95 Days 'til Football

Not a ton going on this morning, but some useful information out there about former Baylor MBB player Deuce Bello, our lineup of summer camps for recruits, and the strength of the conference courtesy of our friends at FootballStudyHall.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

DEUCE -- This news was far from unexpected, but Missouri announced officially the addition of Baylor transfer Deuce Bello this morning. He'll have to sit out a year due to the NCAA's transfer rules, and I don't think he's even trying to get them waived. The destination for Baylor's other transfer, PG L.J. Rose, is unknown at this point.

Best of luck to Deuce; I hope he does the work he needs to while sitting this year to become the player he has the potential to be. After sitting out, Deuce will have 2 years to play 2 at Missouri.

WINDOW INTO RECRUITING -- For those slightly unfamiliar with how our staff does things in football recruiting, camps are absolutely critical for their evaluations. Last year, going into the June camp season, we had 7 commitments in our 2013 class. We ended that month with 11, then added 2 more in July. That was for a class that ended up 22 strong. We're starting June this year (barring a commitment in the next 3 days, which isn't impossible) with 11, and I think we're probably looking to take the standard 25 this year. Baylor has published a camp schedule, and the first kicks off this Friday, May 31, in San Antonio. Two camps I'm looking forward to in particular are the June 2 (that's this Sunday) skill position mini-camp and the June 8 East Texas camp. Look for a number of new offers to go out from all camps as coaches get a better look at the recruits in-person and can actually work with the players themselves.

BAYLOR UP TO #16 -- Speaking of recruiting, Baylor's pair of commitments this past weekend vaulted us up to #16 in 247Sports' composite team rankings, good for second place in the Big 12 Conference behind only Texas. Unless our average ranking goes up a bit (totally possible), this is probably about as high as we get. As other teams add higher-ranked commitments, we'll probably slip down a few spots. I'd expect that average ranking to go up, though, as our lower-ranked recruits are reevaluated in the summer periods.

TEXAS' NEW O -- On the off-chance you care about the Longhorns' new offensive scheme, BarkingCarnival contributor LonghornScott has a primer up that should give you more information. I personally love CFB enough that I absorb this kind of thing like a sponge, but your individual results may vary. Regarding the content-- until David Ash can show he has the ability to make smart decisions with the football quickly, I don't expect any miraculous offensive transformations.

THE BIG 12 BY F+ -- okcdave over at FootballStudyHall put together a very informative look at the Big 12's offenses and defenses over the past few years, comparing the conference not only to itself (individual teams vs. individual teams), but also as a whole against other conferences. There are a few interesting conclusions that can be drawn, I think, but a couple of things stood out to me:
1. Shocked beyond belief that our 2011 defense wasn't one of the worst in conference history.
2. Baylor has become the gold standard for offense in the Big 12, and one of the absolute best in the country. That is no accident, and I don't think it's going away.
3. 2011 OSU deserved to play for the National Championship. That was a great team.

BAYLOR RANKED 17TH BY SPORTINGNEWS -- The first top 25 from SportingNewss was posted last night, and the Bears slide in at #17 in the top 25, Someone on twitter last night remarked about Texas being ranked #14, and I have no thoughts other than: I know. It's somewhat crazy. But Texas always gets the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves unworthy of it. No point in getting all hot and bothered.

247 ON ISHMAEL ZAMORA -- Finally, before I forget, there's a free article from 247Sports on Baylor's latest WR commit, 4* Ishmael Zamora. Baylor snagged possibly the fastest-rising player in the country with this commitment.

Also, this just happened as I was moving to press "publish."

That means we have 3 QB offers out in that class: Chad President (Temple), Jarrett Stidham (Stephenville), and now Blake Lynch (Troup).

RANDOM WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE OF THE DAY: Need something to read? Check out this article on the SS Andrea Doria, long considered the Mount Everest of wreck divers.