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5.22.2013 Daily Bears Report: A Wild News Appears!

Suddenly, one day after having so little news that we decided to forgo the DBR completely, we have a ton of it. Funny how that works. Here's everything you want to know on this Wednesday, May 22, in the year of our Lord, 2013.


This doesn't relate to Baylor, college football, or much at all, really, but I thought it was interesting. SB Nation has a new longform published about Hector Espino, the best home run hitter you've probably never heard of.

Also from elsewhere in SB Nation, Nickel Rover from UT blog Barking Carnival is writing for FootballStudyHall now (see how I effortlessly weaved in the SB Nation lingo? It's a skill.) and has set his sights on the Baylor offense. Part I of his effort looks at what Baylor does to be so successful on offense. Part II will try to determine what other teams can do to stop it. That should be forthcoming.

For those interested in the potential fate of the NCAA, the Ed O'Bannon suit may be taking another crazy turn, as EA and the NCAA may attempt to argue that they weren't actually using players that looked exactly like real players the whole time, because some of them don't look identical! It doesn't matter that video game technology can only do so much to render people who can't actually be brought in for typical motion-capture technology, we weren't really trying to recreate athletes, we promise!

Fans of Baylor Baseball hoping to see a bit of action today: please note that the conference restructured the tournament in light of the events in Oklahoma this week, and Baylor will now its first game tomorrow.

Speaking of Baseball, 8 Bears earned All-Big 12 honors, including Nathan Orf and Cal Towey, Baylor's lone first team selections. Congratulations, gentlemen!

I told you about the transfer of Boise player Samuel Ukwuachu yesterday, but in case you couldn't read the subscription article I linked, here is a free one with considerably less information. Enjoy.

Finally, the NBA Draft is quickly approaching, and Pierre Jackson is Baylor's sole potential draftee for this year. Chad Ford has him in the first round to the Clippers, Jeff Goodman mocks him to the Grizzlies in the second round, and SB Nation doesn't have him on there at all (it's only a first round mock). Draft Express says he's the #39 player in this year's crop.