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Daily Bears Report 04.17.2013

Softball plays North Texas, Equestrian does equestrian stuff, Terrance Williams getting a little love from the Chron, and Bob Bowlsby loves Baylor's facility upgrades. Sho' nuff.

Sarah Glenn

Baylor Softball, currently ranked no. 16, begins a 4-game non-conference slate with tonight's doubleheader at North Texas. The Lady Bears play game one at 4:00 PM, and game two will follow shortly after the end of that match. The Lady Bears are on a 4-game winning streak, and just swept conference foe Oklahoma State.

Baylor Equestrian looks to repeat as national champions as they host the National Collegiate Equestrian Association Championships at the Extraco Events Center for the seventh straight season. Baylor won the Hunter Seat national title last year, and are the top seeded team at the tournament. The Western squad is seeded 8th, and will take on 9-seed Auburn at 9:00 AM tomorrow.

Terrance Williams is still on the bubble of the first round, despite many projections saying that he could slip to the second. The former Baylor star does garner some love from Houston Chronicle draft writer John McClain, who says that he was the top receiver in college ball last season.

From fellow SBN blog Team Speed Kills, a look at whether it's the best strategy to sit a player in foul trouble. Truly fascinating stuff here, so drink some coffee and go read.

Also, if you're planning on getting married next fall, Jason Kirk has your back. If you're picking your dates right now, he has a complete guide to which weekends you should absolutely avoid, and which ones will only require you to pull your phone out behind someone's back a few times.

Bill Snyder, progenitor of the Snydercats, thinks he is grossly overpaid for what he does and that college athletics are in a really bad place right now. I actually disagree with Mr. Snyder: good football coaches running successful programs, particularly at large state schools, bring in so much money for the parent university in most cases that he, Snyder, is probably not overpaid. Others might be relative to their actual economic contribution, but I doubt he is. Plus he's about 200 years old, and he should get whatever he wants.

Mr. Bob Bowlsby, who I can only assume is the Duke of Wellington in addition to his duties as Big 12 Commissioner, apparently said the following:

So that's nice, Mr. Bowlsby.

Finally, tomorrow is Dia, so I feel obliged to put this in here. Stay reasonably safe tomorrow, Baylor students.