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12.09.2013 Daily Bears Report, Early Edition

It's the last day of classes.

Ronald Martinez

Baylor is going to play in its first BCS bowl on January 1st, 2014, against another first time BCS-bowler, the University of Central Florida. The Bears are ready for the spotlight, and open against the Knights (Not the Golden Knights. They haven't been that since 2007.) as a 16.5 point favorite, for what that's worth. This bowl bid was a long time in coming,but Art Briles made good on his promises, both the ones to the university and the ones to his players. The Bears are also the best in Texas, as winners of the Big 12 and the only Texas-based team to appear in a BCS bowl. Hopefully the potentially warmer weather in Arizona, as well as the possible returns from injury of Spencer Drango and Tevin Reese will help the Baylor offense return to early-season form, but Saturday's effort was enough.

This is so important that it gets its own paragraph: Art Briles is not going to Washington. He's not.

Finally: Week 15's Best Gifs, as decided by Dan Rubenstein, it snowed on the NFL yesterday, and Mack Brown's seat may be fairly toasty.

Other Stuff:

Mock College Football Playoff 2013 - Team Speed Kills
Here it is, what the College Football Playoff would look like if we had it this year.