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12.5.2013 Daily Bears Report: Saying Goodbye to Floyd Casey Stadium

So I completely forgot going into today that I had to do the DBR. That's why it's late. But we're here now and all is fine.

Ronald Martinez

Just as an update -- Peter, Prashanth, and I recorded Episode 25 of the Podcast last night.  I'm excited about it.  Other episodes have been good, but I think this one will be great.  We talked about the game, about getting pumped for the Tailgate, and everything else.  Peter even put together a special feature for this week's game that I think you're really going to like, if you like things that are awesome.  If you don't, you probably don't listen to the podcast, anyway.

I'm going to lead off this morning with this week's Breaking Madden, the latest in a series that you should stop whatever you're doing to read right now if you haven't been reading it already.  I mean right now, like don't even finish this sentence.  Just click on the link below and go.

Breaking Madden: A land where 'offsides' has no meaning -
Fumbles are glorious, but over the last few decades, they've been on the decline in the NFL. Let's bring them all back. All at once. And let's destroy as many rules of man and God as we need to.

Most of the other News of the Day deal with our beloved Floyd Casey Stadium, which will see its last Baylor Football game this coming Saturday.  I know the potential for bad weather has scared a few Bears fans into potentially skipping the game, but I hope most will decide to brave it, regardless.  The old girl deserves to be sent out in style.


Jameis Winston press conference means indictment unlikely -
The prosecutor investigating FSU quarterback Jameis Winston has announced a press conference without telling Winston of any charges. That means there probably aren't any charges.

I agree with this, for whatever that's worth.  I don't think they call a press conference a day ahead of time unless they've determined that they have insufficient evidence that a crime took place.  The presser will give them the opportunity to talk about how seriously they take sexual assault allegations, maybe address the accusations of malfeasance by Tallahassee PD, and put the whole case to rest.

Case Closes Dec. 7 - Baylor Bears Official Athletic Site -
Baylor's season-long celebration of the 64th and final season of play at Floyd Casey Stadium culminates on Saturday, when the ninth-ranked Bears host the 25th-ranked Texas Longhorns.

New stadium next step in future of Baylor Bears football program - ESPN
Late on the night of Nov. 19, 2011, not long after Robert Griffin III’s last-second pass landed in the arms of Terrance Williams, Brian Nicholson remembers sending a text message.

Floyd Casey Stadium Farewell Is Big Game For No. 9 Baylor " CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
The Bears move next season to a $260 million stadium being built on the Waco campus, along the Brazos River and busy Interstate 35.

Behind The Green & Gold: Moving On To Baylor Stadium
The final days of Baylor football being played at Floyd Casey Stadium are approaching.

Inside Look at Floyd Casey Stadium
Fans get rare inside peek at Baylor's stadium.

Cornyn meets Baylor Bears - Baylor Bears Football
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, met with Baylor University football coach Art Briles and players Wednesday as the team prepared for their final game of the regular season against Texas.

Bears’ thoughts on beating UT, not bowl possibilities - Baylor Bears Football
If you ask Baylor’s players and coaches, every week is bowl week.

Baylor’s Ahmad Dixon: No ‘bad intentions’ - Baylor Bears Football
Baylor senior safety Ahmad Dixon said he had no "bad intentions" when he was called for targeting against TCU receiver Trevone Boykin.

Art Briles, Baylor football coach, is a rising star who loves his native Texas - The Washington Post
RGIII's college coach is gaining a reputation as an offensive genius far beyond the borders of Texas.

Texas Longhorns' title hopes, Mack Brown's future among what to watch - ESPN
Two games left. A conference title up for grabs. Here we go. The Big 12 storylines to keep an eye on this weekend: 1. Crowning a champion: The Big 12

Big 12 predictions for Oklahoma-Oklahoma State and Baylor-Texas - ESPN
With 10 minutes to go in Morgantown, W.Va., I was sitting pretty for an undefeated week. Then Grant Rohach turned into Dan Marino, and the Cyclones rallied from 17 points down before eventually beating the Mountaineers in a third overtime.

Coaching Changes Daily: Saban to Texas the story that won't die -
The rumors of Alabama coach Nick Saban to Texas persist, which is silly but it's part of college football business/leverage.


Whoa. Too rich for my blood.