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12.22.2013 Morning News: Baylor sells 12,500 of Fiesta Bowl Allotment

Not a lot of news out there this morning after the first 4 games of this bowl season, but there's some. Let's talk about it.

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First thing's first, if you want to join the ODB Bowl Pick 'Em, there's still time.  The leader has just 12 points so far through 4 games.  That is hardly insurmountable.  Here is a link with our group number: The password for the group is pettyparty just like that. You can still join and win, I promise.

Now the other big news of the morning is that Baylor has returned 5,000 Fiesta Bowl tickets unsold by the Friday deadline.  That means we've either sold or retained about 12,500 tickets for various purposes.  There are some, mostly TCU fans it seems, deriding our fanbase/program for that in local media.  As you might expect, I find that criticism misplaced, mostly because I don't think that number comes even close to approximating the true amount of fans going.  I've spoken to/seen/heard from numerous people who bought tickets outside of the Baylor allotment through secondary brokers because the price was lower, seats were better, etc.  And just through a cursory search on the web this morning, I found the following...

-- Big 10 power Wisconsin had sold less than 4,000 for the Capitol One Bowl against South Carolina.  USCe had sold just 9,000 for the same game. 
-- If early trends hold, our opponent in the Fiesta Bowl won't even come close to matching our sales.  Their fans are reportedly very frustrated by having to cross the country. 
-- Georgia expects to sell about 7,500 of its 15,000 tickets to the Gator Bowl in a neighboring state. 
-- Ohio State has sold just 7,000 of its tickets to the Orange Bowl vs. Clemson.  
-- Michigan has sold about half of its allotment for the BWW bowl in Tempe.

I found those links in 5 minutes.  I'm sure there are more.  The point of this is that if you see people slamming Baylor for "only" selling 12,500 tickets, don't get pissed.  They're just ignorant to the realities of the situation.  Put Baylor in the Sugar against Alabama and I guarantee the response is better, even before you consider that many fans would still have gone to the secondary market, rather than buy tickets through the school.

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I'm slightly more worried about this possibility than I am Texas, but I am still not really that worried, if that makes sense.