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12.11.2013 Daily Bears Report, Early Edition

and by "early" I mean "early-ish."

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Art Briles is the AP's Big 12 Coach of the Year, for taking a Baylor program without an in-conference winning season and winning with it. Briles is also the American Football Coaches' Association Region 4 Coach of the Year, his second time such honored. He and coach Grant Teaff are Baylor's only two coaches to be named Coach of the Year by AFCA. Former Baylor quarterback Don Trull was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame yesterday, the seventh Baylor alum to receive this recognition.

Baylor fans need to stop freaking out about the mention of Art Briles for nearly every coaching job out there, but they do need to hurry and get their tickets and flights for the Fiesta Bowl.

Finally, if you've got some time this morning, Montana's 8-man football tradition is life to dying small towns.

A few other things:

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Winter Winners is coming.

Saban-to-Texas report shot down, but Alabama reportedly anxious -
Nick Saban taking over for Mack Brown isn't a done deal (for one thing, Brown is still technically employed), but Alabama would like to go ahead and get this whole thing over with.