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11.14.2013 Daily Bears Report: Briles Extension, Stadium Update, and More

Contrary to what you probably believe, there's not that much news out there this morning related to Baylor Football. Sure, there's the ONE MEGAHUGE THING, but other than that...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We'll start with this.  Yesterday, Baylor officials welcome local media members to the site of the new Baylor Stadium for a tour of the facilities as they stand today.  The construction is reportedly 46% done as of this moment, with 90% of the concrete needed having been poured.  I assume that doesn't include parking lots and speaks only to the stadium itself.  The field will take 3 months to put in once the stadium bowl is finished.

Of course, the big news from yesterday heading into today was the extension announced between Art Briles and Baylor.  The details are still somewhat fuzzy, as they are likely to be for some time, but I think it's safe to say that Briles received a big pay increase into the $4+ million per year range, his assistants will also receive raises, and the buyout on his contract will go up considerably.  The last part is what most people are talking about, since it represents the biggest obstacle to anyone looking to sign him away.  I can't say exactly how much it is because I don't know.  But I can say that the $5 million number bandied about is completely false and would represent a decrease in the buyout from his old deal to the new.  Baylor wouldn't do that because it doesn't make sense.

Before I get to the news and tweets, I wanted to say a few things about what I think this means for Baylor.  I started to last night, couldn't get it together like I wanted, and then just threw down a short comment.  I'll expound a bit here.

What this means is commitment, and not just between the coach and school we love.  It means a commitment from our school to its fanbase that we have seen the dark times of the past, learned the lessons of program neglect, and won't allow that to happen again.  Having been so close to relegation in Realignment, we know now what we should have learned two decades ago: you earn what you get in CFB and we have to be better than we've been.  It means Baylor has tasted this year what it feels like to be successful, to be one of the elite programs in the country, and doesn't want to let that go.  We found a coach that can bring us to the mountaintop, so we plan to keep him.  It sends a message to the rest of the country that Baylor doesn't have to fit into the box you've got planned for us.  That although there are things about our situation that we can't really change -- we are a small private school that will never have the alumni base of a UT or an A&M, for example -- we can dictate what happens on the field.  I said it on twitter last night and I'll say it again -- as much as I love this move for football reasons, I love it even more for the signal it sends to Baylor's fans: We're not going anywhere.  To everyone else: We're not going anywhere. Old Baylor is dead. Long live New Baylor.

Also, because of the Briles news last night, people probably missed all of the content that went up yesterday on ODB.  That's a shame.  Here's a short list:
-- Texas Tech Stats Preview
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Didn't want those things to get lost in the shuffle.


Like I said, not all that much out there today, but I'll update the thread as things come up.

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