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10.09.2013 Daily Bears Report, Early Edition

In case you were worried, yes, the Internet still loves Baylor. Quite a bit, actually, if these links are any indication.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor will take college football's most productive offense into a traditionally tough road environment next Saturday against an un-ranked Kansas State. The Bears have not lost since they upset the No. 1 Wildcats in Waco last year, and despite Bill Snyder's witty quips, a down K-State is still a dangerous team. Jake Trotter at ESPN picks the Bears to win the Nov. 7 game against Oklahoma, though, of course, there's still quite a few games between now and then. Spencer Roth probably just works on homework on the Baylor sideline, when he's not penning the Great American Punting Novel. Also, though the tailgating situation at the new stadium has yet to be finalized, pre-game festivities are better than ever in Floyd Casey's last year.

It's a fight between and the aforementioned USA Today to find out who loves the Bears more right now.  I'm going to go with USAToday, but SI could make a late push.  Of course, nobody loves the Bears as much as SB Nation, and you should check out the box score from FootballStudyHall for this week's game.  The Supreme Court has not yet ruled whether talk of Baylor's offense constitutes pornography, but I'm close to saying yes.

Odyssey Sims is one of the 25 players named to the list of candidates for the top award in women's college basketball, the Wade Trophy. Sims, a senior point guard, has been on the watch list the prior two seasons, and was a finalist for the award in 2013.

Baylor Volleyball has a chance to earn their first Big 12 win this weekend as they head to Morgantown, W. Va. to face the West Virginia Mountaineers. The Bears are 8-11, but have already played the toughest opponents in the conference, including 4th-ranked Texas.


Hey folks, it's OurDailyPodcast time again! This week it's your regular band of misfits: Peter, Mark and Prashanth for some recapping of WVU, previewing of K-State, predictions and projections, and BIG HUGE PODCAST NEWS. You should definitely tune in for some BIG HUGE PODCAST NEWS. It'd be a shame if you were the only person you knew that didn't listen to the podcast this week and were out of the loop on the BIG HUGE PODCAST NEWS because then all your friends might look at you funny and you'd feel left out. We don't want you to feel left out. We're an inclusive bunch here at ODB. Except for Mattisbear. That guy's as elitist as they come.

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