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10.15.2013 Daily Bears Report: Art Briles sees Death in Purple and Silver

All the news that's fit to print about your Baylor Bears, from the football team to soccer to volleyball and everything in between.

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This man is blocking DEATH.
This man is blocking DEATH.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Art Briles has seen death, and it wears purple and silver.

At the halfway point of the college football season, Baylor is staring down another "Bowlcoming," though unlike in years past, this seems to be much more of a benchmark than an endgoal. Baylor does have six offensive players on David Ubben's midseason-All-Big 12 team, including Lache Seastrunk and Bryce Petty. The Big 12 has been its usual unpredictable self and the only thing certain at the halfway point is that nothing is certain, other than Baylor's "blitzkrieg" offense, even against Kansas State.

Baylor's offense is the best in the Big 12 by many metrics, and now they return back to the fast track of Floyd Casey to face an Iowa State team that is usually good for one upset a year. Cyclones coach Paul Rhoads is putting on his track shoes, and has a team coming off four straight close losses, but they will face a Baylor offense that now knows adversity, and is still finding ways to get better and faster.

Also, USAToday does a weekly re-ranking of all 125 teams in CFB, and your Baylor Bears are now up to #7 in the land. The next order of business to making that ranking reality is to achieve bowl eligibility, which Baylor can do this weekend.

ESPN's Big 12 blog posted a slew of Midseason Reports for the various teams today, and Baylor's focuses, predictably on the offense.

Volleyball's Wednesday evening match with TCU will be televised on Fox Sports Southwest at 7 p.m., and the Bears will play OU at 1 p.m. on Homecoming Saturday. Freshman middle hitter Tola Itiola was named Big 12 Conference Rookie of the Week in volleyball for her seven-kill to no-error, four assisted blocks performance last Wednesday in the road victory over West Virginia.

Podcast news!

Hello again, everyone! It feels a little weird writing to you about the podcast since our latest episode dropped yesterday, but that's the reality of the two-episode-per-week format. No rest for the weary. This Wednesday night we are incredibly fortunate to welcome SBNation's own Spencer Hall (of EDSBS, the Selection Committee, and erstwhile host of Shutdown Fullback) to the show! If you've got questions you'd like to ask them, send them our way.

Also, Spencer is one of the funniest people on Twitter and we'd like to have a really solid set of No Huddle questions to ask him this week. They don't have to be fully related to Baylor sports, or sports at all (i.e. "What's your spirit animal?"). Remember that while he's putting Baylor into his Top Four on the Selection Committee, he's probably not going to know or care about stadium attendance or uniform combinations, so when you bring the funny/witty/clever, make sure it's also relevant to something we can ask him. Thanks everyone!

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