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10.10.2013 Daily Bears Report: Phil Montgomery, Red River Shootout, and Fran Fraschilla on Baylor MBB

So many links this morning, so little time. Unless you actually have time for all of them, in which case, yay! Let's get right to it.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thursday morning once again, so it's time for Seymour to blow your faces off with links galore!  We've got a ton on the plate this morning, including high praise for Baylor OC Phil Montgomery, a little info on the game everyone is looking to this weekend for the completely right reason of seeing Texas get destroyed, and maybe at the end, a few tweets from noted Baylor MBB enthusiast Fran Fraschilla.  That's a great day.

Also, we recorded Episode 9 of the podcast last night, and I want to thank everyone who sent in No Huddle questions and comments.  Time will tell how the show turns out since we got a little loopy at the end there, but that was mostly my fault for keeping us going so long.  Check it out when it drops later (today?)!

Also, also, ODB is recruiting once again.  We've grown considerably over the past few months, and I've been very excited with all of the people we've added to continue bringing you new content.  If you want to be a part of the ODB team in any respect, or just have an idea of where you think we can go next, shoot me an email.  My #1 goal is to keep this place growing as we move forward, so that we can become the #1 free site for Baylor Athletics on the web!


WEEK 7 VIEWING GUIDE ( --You know how this works by now.  They've ranked all the games you should watch and when, yadda yadda yadda.  It's a good resource.

YAHOO! SPORTS LOVES THE PAC 12, SO EAT IT, SEC ( -- The SEC's upturned noses won't like it, but they're being upstaged by another conference this season.  I can only imagine how many angry, semi-readable emails Yahoo! is going to get over this.

STATE OF THE U PICKS US TO ROLL KANSAS STATE, AND OTHER GAMES THAT ARE LESS IMPORTANT ( -- They sent it to me, so I linked it.  That's how easy this is, prospective linkees.

BAYLOR IS PROBABLY GOING TO WIN THIS WEEKEND - ( -- HuskerMath offers a mea culpa for using bad data.

JADEVEON CLOWNEY MAY OR MAY NOT BE TAKING PLAYS OFF, BUT HE'S PROBABLY NOT - ( -- I'm not crazy about the approach here.  Why compare him to NFL players when he plays CFB, at least in terms of actual playing time?

DAN TURNS HIS BACK ON BAYLOR NATION, CHOOSES KANSAS STATE TO COVER IN EASY CALL ( -- I thought we were tight, Dan.  Well, maybe not you and me since we've never met, but certainly you and Baylor Nation.  Then you go and pick Kansas State to cover, which is not in and of itself wrong or negative about Baylor... I'll just stop.

The Big 12 Conference--

The 2013 Texas Longhorns' defense of the Oklahoma Sooners' offense - Barking Carnival
Because offering resistance is probably the best we can hope for in this game.

I have nothing more to say about that link, and I didn't change it at all.  It stands on its own.

Dan Wetzel's Week 7 College Football Podcast: All eyes on the Lone Star State - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Between Texas, A&M, Baylor and Tech, there's plenty of watchable football going on in the state these days.

This one, too.  Chip Brown was on Wetzel's podcast, and despite what many think about Chip Brown (most of which is probably accurate), it was a good listen.  He has a lot of respect for Art Briles.

BIG 12 RECRUITING RANKINGS, TEXAS LEADS AND BLAH BLAH BLAH- ( - It seemed worth posting when I clipped it.

DEVONTE FIELDS OUT FOR THE SEASON FOR TCU - ( -- I hate it when good players get injured like this.  That is not a controversial thing to say.


MONTGOMERY THE MAN BEHIND BAYLOR'S UNSTOPPABLE OFFENSE - ( -- Phil Montgomery, the man behind The Man who is actually probably also The Man but doesn't like to talk about it because he's awesome like that.

HOW UNSTOPPABLE IS IT? THIS UNSTOPPABLE ( -- Awwww, yeah. (That's my go-to when I don't have something else to say but feel like I need to say something).


So while it's perfectly understandable to question Baylor's level of competition, I find it hard to believe there are 14 teams better than the Bears. If Baylor gets to its Nov. 7 game against Oklahoma undefeated (which I believe it will), it'll certainly be in the top 10. If it beats the Sooners, it'll add the type of statement victory which voters can no longer ignore. And if it's still averaging 600 yards a game by then? Well, then I don't think every person in America will want to see the Bears play Alabama -- because I don't think anyone in Alabama (save for Auburn fans) will want anything to do with Art Briles' team.

Bears’ astronomical offense owes much to stellar line play - Baylor Bears Football
As long as Cyril Richardson and the rest of the Baylor offensive linemen keep spending time around Lache Seastrunk, they’ll never feel unloved.

Kansas State tackles ways to end Baylor’s white-hot offense | Wichita Eagle -- Totally honest, didn't actually read this.  Proceed at your own risk.

Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma Sooners, trap for Texas Tech Red Raiders - (
-- Big 12 blog chat.  It was ok.

Now two links in a row that say basically the same thing.

Big 12 football: Baylor’s string of success started with upset against Kansas State | ...
They haven’t looked back (or lost) since beating the Wildcats last year.

Baylor, Lache Seastrunk unstoppable since upset of K-State -
Baylor and running back Lache Seastrunk have been unstoppable since upsetting Kansas State last November.

Kinda, at least.

Baylor takes to the road after impressive start ( -- Baylor's offense has been terrific this season, and now the Bears must maintain that on the road. HI, UBBEN!

How Baylor is shredding Vegas: Story behind the big bet that jolted the Bears' BCS odds (BettingTalk) -- Fanshot this yesterday, reposting it now.

Rest of college football believing what Wofford said about Baylor (Campus Commuter)
Terriers came home after opener saying Baylor had to be the best offensive team in the country. Bears are making that look true.

Focus On: Terrance Williams | Dallas - Fort Worth
Terrance Williams, the Cowboys' third-round draft pick in 2013, is Dallas's second option at wide receiver in Miles Austin's absence. And he is putting up very efficient numbers in that role.


Baylor’s Art Briles: I can’t see myself anywhere else | CollegeFootballTalk
The Baylor Bears are lighting up scoreboards on a weekly basis and could be the new Big 12 team to beat this season. Meanwhile the turmoil in Austin, Texas could end up sending a the Texas Longhorns on a national search for a new coach in 2014.


Let's get some basketball talk up in here!

That's good stuff, Fran!  One more.


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