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Who Could Replace Scott Frost at Nebraska?

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

With the somewhat expected news of Scott Frost’s departure from Nebraska, I had the staff start making calls to see who might be in line to take over in Lincoln. Keep in mind, this is just a list of names we’ve heard or seen written down:

Matt Rhule

With the Panthers grasping at straws offensively, has Matt Rhule finally come to terms with the seemingly obvious? His tenure in Carolina isn’t destined to last much longer, and he is already proven as a college commodity. Trev Alberts has likely already made the call, we are hearing.

Matt Campbell

The offseason banter starts early. Has Campbell taken Iowa State as far as they can go? The Big10 infrastructure and funding would be a massive upgrade, and Campbell has the “chip on his shoulder” attitude that could very well bring Big Red back to prominence.

Dave Aranda

It would be irresponsible not to report on this, no matter how bittersweet. If you are looking for a coach that is most likely to bring his school a conference championship within the next 5 years, Aranda has to be towards the top of that list.

Bill O’Brien

After doing his time at the Nick Saban Coaching School for Wayward Boys, Bill O’Brien is likely looking for his next head coaching gig. It might not have worked in the pro’s for BOB, but could it work in Lincoln?

Ryan Day

If the Ohio State Death Star can’t pave its own way to the playoff this year, would Ryan Day consider a move to the West? Interesting to think about, and apparently we aren’t the only ones thinking it.

Tom Herman

With a legitimately impressive showing at Houston, could Tom Herman MENSA his way to a Division Championship with the Huskers? Multiple sources floated this name, but we aren’t buying it.

Frank Solich

We’ve seen coaches return home before. Is Trev Alberts ready to offer the olive branch?

Dave Aranda

Maybe Waco isn’t where Aranda wants to be long term. A historic program like Nebraska could offer Aranda what he’s looking for

Other Names We’ve Heard Mentioned:

Dave Aranda

Houston Nutt

Jerry Kill

Bill Callahan

Bo Pelini

Kendall Briles

Bill Belichick

Scott Frost

Carl Pelini

Dave Aranda

Tom Osborne

Marshall Henderson

Nick Saban

Miss Terry

Dave Aranda

Tommy Callahan

Tillman Fertita

Ted Cruz

Lord Voldemort

The Predator

KJ Morton

Rudy Guliani

Kurt Cobain

Nate Silver


Queen Elizabeth II

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Charles Dickens

Grand Moff Tarkin

Green Power Ranger

The Phillie Phanatic

Wilson Phillips

Cyclone Larry

Anya Taylor Joy


Dave Matthews

Anton Chigur


Dee Reynolds

Ted Lasso

Ricky Williams

Roger Rabbit

Joe Buck

The Chicken from Moana (Hei Hei)

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell And his dogfight football scheme

The Dawg in Jalen Pitre

Kevin O’Shea complete with car dealership and heisman

Becky “Icebox” O’Shea

Sir Alex Ferguson

Shane Falco

Thomas Shelby

Winston Churchill

The Doctor

Warren Buffet

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

Anonymous Blobfish

Jose “The Special One” Mourinho

Pop Warner

Orville Redenacher


Ana de Armas

Travis Roeder


The Guy In the Theater Eating Beans

Scott Frost (again)

Gary Patterson

Tony Romo

Queen Elizabeth II

Your Mom

My Mom

Jerome Tang

Kendall Kaut

Ahmad Dixon

A literal husk of corn

MySpace Tom

The It’s Corn Kid

Zack Wilson’s Mom’s Best Friend

The Queen

The Band Queen

Gisele Bundchen

All of the minions

Smosh, Those Weird Guys From YouTube

Sinbad but only as his character from Jingle All The Way (offensive scheme called the Turboman)

Bob Barker

Alex Trebec



Lil Boosie

The Professor

Toto Wolff

Dave Aranda

The bottle of mustard thrown at Lane Kiffin

Scott Pilgrim


Dolores Umbridge

Dave Aranda

Logan Ninefingers

Duke Leo Atreides

Ayesha Curry

Hootie but not the Blowfish

Nicholas Latifi

Joel Olsteen

Aaron Burr



Kim Mulkey


Bob Dylan

Jesse Eisenberg


Justin Danger Nunley

-Wayne Gretzky, -Michael Scott

Scott Drew


Jack Harlow

Lee Corso

Linda Livingstone

Ozzy Osborne

Chase from Paw Patrol

Lou Holtz

All of the Cowboys of Moo Mesa

Big Slammu from Street Sharks




Ivan Ooze

The woman dancing with Urban Meyer

The “Ask Madden” feature

Dave Aranda

Again, most names are probably just floated by agents for existing contract negotiation purposes or positive media spin, but we can only pass forward what we hear.

Sic ‘Em.