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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 15 Ballot

The 2012 college football season is finally over, which means this is the last Blog Poll for about eight months. There's quite a bit of movement, as you can see, but we've seen quite a bit of action. Do I honestly believe Baylor is the 16th-best team in the country right now? No. I think they're probably better than that, but I'll be damned if I've come this far to get a homerism award in the final week.


For the record, I despise the idea that pollsters/rankers are somehow bound to previous polls/votes in the face of new information. That concept-- fidelity to previous polls-- is why you're seeing polls showing, for example, UCLA ranked higher than Baylor even after we beat them by 30 in the Holiday Bowl. The thought is that you can't drop or raise a team too much based on the outcome of one game, despite the fact that one game actually comprises about 8% of the overall information available, and in the context of ranking teams in the here and now, is almost certainly the most important data you have to use. Stated differently, Baylor right now is a different team than we were at 3-4, just like USC at 7-6 is a different team than they were at preseason #1. Information changes just as quickly as the teams themselves, who had nearly a month between games in most circumstances to practice and prepare and may look very different from early in the season.

My ranking is a look at where things stand right now, not a reflection of the overall season shuffled week-to-week by who won and who lost. I'm not beholden to my Week 14 ballot, and I don't think anybody else should be, either, if they are approaching this exercise from the perspective of actually ranking teams as they are.