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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 12 Ballot

I skipped a week entirely by accident and just about everything happened in between. Craziness is the name of the game in college football.

Kevin C. Cox

Here's my top 25 this week after everything that has happened the last two. As I mentioned, I didn't mean to skip Week 11 entirely, it just got away from me. That's why the "Delta" portions aren't filled in and things probably look quite a bit different from the way they did. Choosing Alabama over Notre Dame again won't be a popular decision, but I believe the sharps when they say Alabama would be heavily favored on a neutral field, and I don't think one game against a good A&M team sporting the probable Heisman favorite at this point should diminish Alabama's star too much. Kansas State's disaster in Waco leaves the Tide as the most complete team in college football.