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SB Nation BlogPoll: ODB Week 6 Ballot

Just two voters on this week's ODB ballot because Pras and Therm are losers, apparently.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Last week we had the most divergent BlogPoll ballot so far this season and this week we have the most apathetic. Brandon and I were on our own for this one because Prashanth and therm decided they had too many other important things to do, I guess. Luckily, the ballot was easier to put together this week than I expected, even with the many losses/upsets in the top 10. The teams that won moved up, with the South Carolina Gamecocks leading the way due to their shellacking of the previously fifth-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. We put West Virginia over Florida because they had less of a jump to make and won on the road over the Longhorns. I'm not saying beating LSU in The Swamp isn't impressive, it just wasn't enough to jump WVU and Kansas State, who throttled Kansas easily in the second half. That WVU-KState game is going to be one to watch not only because both will be ranked highly but also because of the differences in the teams' approaches. They are diametrically opposed in what they want to do and both very good at their chosen tasks.

If any part was a bit difficult to put together it was the teens. You can probably make an argument for any team between 12 and about 18 to be ranked over just about any other. Baylor comes in right after that stretch at 20 in this ranking, exactly where we were last week.

Give me your thoughts in the comments on how we did this week. Remember we can still change the ballot until tomorrow morning, and I'm always open to a good argument.