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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 8 Ballot

Despite tremendous temptation to reward Kansas State for their victory in Morgantown, the top 6 in this week's Blog Poll ballot remained the same.

Justin K. Aller

We're now 8 weeks into the season and I think we're starting to see extreme striation between the levels in the college football world. This is how I'd rank the levels from my ballot below:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon, Kansas State, Florida (tentative on this one)
3. LSU, Notre Dame (both have an argument for level #2)
4. Oklahoma, Oregon State, USC, Georgia (best of the 1-loss teams other than LSU)
5. Mississippi State, Florida State, Ohio State, South Carolina (I still don't buy Ohio State completely)
6. Texas Tech, Louisville, Clemson, Texas A&M, Boise, Rutgers (Hardest group to rank because it moves around so much)

Then everybody else beneath them in a constantly shifting mass. Notice a team missing from the above? West Virginia. At this point, they're ranked because of what they've done, not because of what they're doing. The past two weeks, West Virginia has looked nothing like the juggernaut from early in the season and more like our own Baylor Bears, except without a competent offense, as well. It's mystifying to watch because it makes no sense.