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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 7 Ballot

Had a ton of trouble putting this one together, but as I predicted, Baylor didn't make the cut on our ballot for the first time this season.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There's probably going to be quite a bit of consternation about the rankings this week with so many teams falling and others proving their worth. Baylor and Texas were two of the teams falling out of the rankings after disastrous performances this weekend while Texas Tech and TCU jumped back in. Oklahoma obviously made a big move back into the Top 10 based on their win, but I still don't feel like we have a good appreciation for their team at this point. How good do you think Oklahoma is?

I'm also not exactly sure that Kansas State is the third-best team in the rankings at this point, I just don't know if Florida is, either. It seems at this point that we have one juggernaut, one that might be, and then a dropoff to the next tier. That's not hate on Kansas State or Florida at all, or at least it wasn't intended to be.

Tell me where we went wrong this week in the comments. I'm serious that I want to know.