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ODB Week 14 Ballot

I haven't done this in two weeks, I think, so the results are a bit wonky. But we can argue about it if you don't think Baylor is one of the best 25 teams in the country right now, but I do.

ODB Week 12 Ballot

I skipped a week entirely by accident and just about everything happened in between. Craziness is the name of the game in college football.

SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 10 Ballot

Very little variation this week with so many teams winning and the only major team-- LSU -- losing admirably to the #1 team.

SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 9 Ballot

Turmoil abounds in this week's Blog Poll, and as you probably expect, Baylor is nowhere to be found.

SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 8 Ballot

Despite tremendous temptation to reward Kansas State for their victory in Morgantown, the top 6 in this week's Blog Poll ballot remained the same.

Blog Poll Week 7 Results

I gave you guys the ODB ballot and then completely forgot to give you the results. Oh well, it's probably not all that important to anyone here since, for the first time this season, Baylor didn't make a single ballot.

SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 7 Ballot

Had a ton of trouble putting this one together, but as I predicted, Baylor didn't make the cut on our ballot for the first time this season.

SB Nation BlogPoll: Week 6 Results

Baylor didn't make it into this week's BlogPoll, but I didn't expect them to. Next week ... that's when we'll make our move!

SB Nation BlogPoll: ODB Week 6 Ballot

Just two voters on this week's ODB ballot because Pras and Therm are losers, apparently.

SB Nation Blog Poll: Week 6 Results

As expected, the Bears' loss to West Virginia this past weekend cost us in the BlogPoll. But did it cost us too much?

SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 5 Ballot

The quest to create the most accurate and objective poll in the world of college football continues this week. Here's ODB's submission to the SB Nation BlogPoll.