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Big 12 Conference

Daily Bears Report 8/27/2017 - Mammoth Fossils Tell history of Longhorn Football?

Football position battles coming down to wire. Volleyball rolls Illinois State.

Nobody Knows Anything About Conference Realignment

The certainty about realignment is ridiculous

Daily Bears Report 6/3/2017 - Bears B’ Ballin’

Football Recruit Tweets and more Baylor Athletics News

Daily Bears Report 4/29/2017

Latest news for Baylor sports from football to acrobatics.

Big 12 Votes to Withhold Revenue from Baylor Pending Changes; Baylor Responds

This morning, the Big 12 announced unanimous action against Baylor pending independent review of promised changes.

Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

We offer our rankings of Big 12 teams

Big 12 Preview: This Time with GIFs!

Bedlam headlines the final week of the Big 12 regular season

Big 12 Preview: Showdown in Morgantown

Conference title hopes are on the line with 3 weeks left in the regular season

Big 12 Rankings: Week Eleven

Big 12 Preview: Down The Stretch They Come

Teams look to keep pace with OU for the conference title hunt

Big 12 Rankings: Good Dogs Edition

Big 12 Preview: Things Are Happening

All 10 teams in action this week, beginning with OU/Iowa St on Thursday night

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Nine

Big 12 Officially Announces Return of Conference Championship Game

The Big 12 Championship Game is back with the added wrinkle of a round-robin schedule and no divisions.

Baylor Basketball Will Likely Pick up the Pace this Season

With many talented guards and a mobile big in Johnathan Motley, the Bears may play faster this season

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Eight

Big 12 Preview: As The Lubbock Burns

Baker Mayfield's return to Jones AT&T Stadium highlights Week 8 in the Big 12

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Seven

Every Baylor Touchdown Against Kansas

Vines of every Bears touchdown

Baylor-Kansas Preview

It’s Homecoming! Baylor should win, but the Jayhawks look far tougher after last week.

Baylor Coaching Search, Playoff Breakdown and Big 12 Roundup

The Bears didn’t play, but a lot happened around the country.

Baylor Moves to #8 in Coaches’ Poll; #11 in A.P. Poll

The Coaches have more faith in the Bears than the A.P.

Big 12 Rankings: Week Six

Big 12 Preview: Bye Week Blues

We'll get through this together...

Playoff Projections and Conference Analysis

Tracking the field and where Baylor fits

Big 12 Rankings: Week Five

Big 12 Preview: Now with Actual Big 12 Games!

As the calendar flips to October, now the quest for the One True Champion™ begins.

Baylor-Iowa State Preview

Big 12 Rankings: Week Four

Baylor is the Big 12 Favorite

Every Baylor Touchdown Against Oklahoma State

Vines of every Baylor touchdown against the Cowboys

Baylor-Oklahoma State Second Half Thread and First Half Recap

Baylor leads 21-14 at halftime