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Happy Colorado Day (Reportedly)!

All indications are that the Big 12 will be the Slightly Bigger 13 for 2024 by the end of the day today. We will see.

Football - NCAA - Iowa State vs. Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Good morning, ODBers and Big 12 fans alike. Today could be a momentous day, if rumors are true. Overnight, additional reports surfaced that the Big 12, on the heels of yesterday’s prior reports about Colorado’s intention to leave the Pac 12 to join, voted unanimously to allow that to happen. This was, of course, expected; offers are never accepted until they are made, and offers aren’t made until they are approved and will be accepted. It’s a bit circular that way, but believe me. From Twitter:

For a timeframe on when some definitive announcement may be made, look to this afternoon. Colorado has scheduled a board meeting for 3 PM MT today (4 PM God’s time) to discuss “athletic operations” and take some sort of unspecified action, but there could be a leak before that (although it won’t be definitive since a vote wouldn’t have been taken yet). Things should move pretty quickly from there, provided all of this comes to pass.

If it comes to pass, all eyes move to who the 14th member for 2024 would be, as it seems unlikely that the Big 12 stays at 13 for any length of time. On that front rumors have run the gamut from UConn (not my preferred candidate, to say the least) to Arizona (my betting favorite) to Washington (a wildcard) with others thrown in the mix, as well. There is no known timeframe for that next move, but I would expect it to happen somewhat quickly to get certainty going into the fall.

For now we await white smoke from wherever they make these kinds of decisions or announcements on Colorado’s campus, assuming that white smoke would be different than smoke that might otherwise already originate from various places on their campus.

Happy (potential) Colorado Day, everyone!