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Baylor-Oklahoma State Breakdown

The Bears quest for another Big 12 title starts Saturday night against Oklahoma State

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Baylor looks to roll off its third straight win against Oklahoma State on Saturday night.

The Cowboys were dealt a difficult blow after Central Michigan was given one extra play when the game should have ended. Before that fateful play, Mason Rudolph threw the ball downfield on 4th down as time expired. The officials determined the play was intentional grounding and incorrectly extended the game for one play. Central Michigan only needed that chance:

Oklahoma State bounced back and beat Pittsburgh last weekend.

The Cowboys have an excellent quarterback in Mason Rudolph. The junior threw for 540 yards against Pitt and averaged 11.2 yards per attempt.

Rudolph’s favorite target is James Washington. Washington had 296 yards on nine receptions against the Panthers. He also added two touchdowns, including getting wide open on the first play:

Washington is also fantastic when defended. He told the ACC about work here:

Oklahoma State’s constant problem has been their inability to run. Against Central Michigan, Oklahoma State finished with just 69 yards on 17 carries (in non Mason Rudolph considered rushes/sacks).

Baylor fans might remember the disaster that was Oklahoma State’s rushing attack from last year’s game. The Cowboys finished with just 46 yards on 16 carries (in non Mason Rudolph considered rushes/sacks).

Baylor’s hope is that the offense gets going faster. Despite some problems with errant throws the first three weeks, Pro Football Focus still lists Seth Russell as the seventh best quarterback in the country. Oklahoma State has not played the kind of defense to bump a man off a list.

Pitt had an excellent day rushing against Oklahoma State. Pitt ran for 290 yards. The Cowboys problem was not just limited to the defensive line, which has been far weaker after replacing Emanuel Ogbah. On this run, the Cowboys defense fails to stop Pitt and they get into the end zone:

With apologies to Bill Snyder and Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy might be the best coach in the Big 12. I know, it’s game week, and that may be an incredibly hot take. But he won a Big 12 title in a state that features one of the 10 best programs of all-time. Gundy also has reloaded the Cowboys and had them 10-2 last season, including a 10-0 start.

Baylor may implode and lose this game. There are signs the first three weeks to support that argument. But when they get it going, as they have in the second half the last two weeks, the Big 12’s playoff hopes don’t look dead yet. Maybe Baylor will get blown out or prove to be a 7-5 team. I don’t think so. I’ll take Baylor 42-35.