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Realignment 2016 -- Big 12 Expansion Poll


Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Unless you've lived under a rock the past few months/years, you know that possible Big 12 expansion is a hot topic right about now with possible candidates making their pitches and the conference weighing its options.

Enough people, including some over on the Mothership, have chimed in to tell you which schools should be considered that I won't take the time here.  Suffice to say that the consensus picks (for candidates, remember) appear to be the following:

I think I've listed them all there -- that's 10 teams, if you're counting -- and now I'm curious which 2 teams (I'm assuming we go with 2 for right now, but feel free to go to 4 if you want) people would choose.

My guess is that the choices are largely going to be defined by interests; if you want to see the best football possible right now, it would be logical to choose Houston and BYU.  If you wanted the largest potential media markets coming in, Cincinnati and probably UConn.  Geographic partners for WVU and reasonable travel, Cincinnati and Memphis. Florida expansion at whatever costs, UCF and USF.  I could keep going.

I'm pretty sure I've already shared my opinion on this on Twitter, so I'll go ahead and say it again: my choices would be Memphis and Cincinnati for a lot of reasons we can talk about in the comments.

In case you want more info before you vote, a few sources below:

Houston Cougars, Memphis Tigers, Boise State Broncos possible candidates for Big 12 college football expansion
Houston is an up-and-coming Texas-based option. USF-UCF deliver a foothold in Florida. Memphis and BYU have some upside. So if the Big 12 is serious about adding two teams, who's in play?

Big 12 roundtable: Expansion - Big 12 Blog- ESPN
In this week's Big 12 roundtable, we discuss -- what else? -- Big 12 expansion. Should the league grow this summer?

As Big 12 expansion chances rise, we rank the top candidates | The Star-Telegram
The indcators for Big 12 expansion seem to grow on a daily basis, with another example surfacing Wednesday in a report by That makes it time to rank the best Big 12 expansion targets.

Ranking Big 12 expansion candidates by ... whatever, just pick 2 and get it over with -
Just please do something already. Here are two or a dozen or whatever teams you can add any day now.

About the Poll:

I don't have any options for letting you choose two, so we're going to have to just choose your favorite pick and then give me your second-favorite pick in the comments.  Sorry!