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Big 12 Media Days Start Tomorrow!

Art Briles, Bryce Petty, and the rest of the Baylor contingent take the stage in the morning for the start of the 2014 Big 12 Media Days.

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I've had a few questions about this come into the inbox, so I thought I'd post something quick about the start of Big 12 Media Days tomorrow.  First, we'll have an Open Thread here on ODB where we can consolidate all of the quotes, news, and whatever else from the two-day Big 12 extravaganza.  If we're being honest, I thought about trying to get credentialed by the conference to attend, but I couldn't make it work schedule-wise and wasn't sure how much good it would be, anyway.  Although now that I'm thinking about it again, I'd love to ask Briles and the gang a few questions from ODB...

Anyway, the Media Days start tomorrow morning in Dallas.  The Baylor contingent consists of Briles (of course), QB Bryce Petty, WR Antwan Goodley, LB Bryce Hager, and DE Shawn Oakman.  I like the balance between offense and defense, especially since we've sent mostly offensive players in the past, if I recall correctly.  Besides Baylor, four other schools are scheduled to go tomorrow, with Kansas, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech following the Bears.  The proceedings will be viewable on Fox Sports Southwest and at their main Media Days hub.

The schedule of tomorrow's main speakers:

Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby kicks things off at 9 AM, followed by Briles at 10 AM and Weis, Patterson, Gundy, and Kingsbury every thirty minutes thereafter.  We have no indication yet whether Briles will take his spectacular championship belt to Media Days or not, but I know I'm hoping he does.

Basically every CFB writer in America will be in Dallas tomorrow at the Omni Hotel, so we should have plenty of coverage from the Twitterverse and normal outlets.  In case you need more to read beyond Ubbykins above, you can check out previews from USA Today, NBCSports, the AP, the Oklahoma Sentinel,, and, of course,, which promises a behind-the-scenes look at this year's proceedings.  I have no idea if ESPN will grace the conference with its presence or not.

The Big 12 is going to put its best foot forward tomorrow to show the CFB world what sets it apart, and I know I'm excited to see it.  See everyone in the morning!