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QB Bryce Petty leads Baylor 7 on Preseason All-Big 12 Team

Seven members of the reigning Big 12 Champion Baylor Bears earned preseason All-Big 12 honors, including QB Bryce Petty as the Offensive Player of the Year.

Ronald Martinez

With the Big 12's Media Days coming up in short order, it's time again for the conference to announce its preseason All-Big 12 teams.  Baylor is predictably well-represented on both sides of the ball this year with a conference-leading 7 honorees, including QB Bryce Petty, who was chosen as the preseason Offensive Player of the Year, an award he took home last year after the season concluded.  The teams:

These are the conference's individual awards, and they shaped up basically as expected.  Kansas State DE Ryan Mueller had some following for the DefPOY, but I can't argue with it going to the guy who won it as a freshman and probably would have been in the running had he not been injured last season.  Tyreek Hill is supposedly so fast that he should be playing at Baylor right now, and I imagine Oklahoma State's coaching staff will do whatever it takes to get him the ball.

Again, zero complaints in how this shook out.  In fact, I'm actually a bit surprised to see Rashodrick Linwood make the team over a much more heralded Johnathan Gray.  His inclusion is certainly warranted after what he did last year, and it shows how much respect he has around the league going into his redshirt sophomore season.  I would bet anything you're going to see OU fans saying they should have more than one player on this OL, but who do you remove?

Just a reminder that the Big 12 doesn't differentiate between DEs and DTs on the All-Big 12 team; all are listed as just "DL."  This year, that's probably for the best, since you have at least 3 DEs worth (the ones listed) and probably more than that.  On the other hand, I could name a couple of DTs that should probably be on here, too.  I am very glad to see Hager get his dues alongside Ben Heeney and Eric Striker, although that is another thing that might piss off OU fans.

In case these embeds fail at some point, you can see the entire release on the Big 12's website.   Baylor put 7 players on the team out of 26 total, the most in the conference.  Our seven:

QB Bryce Petty
RB Rashodrick Linwood
WR Antwan Goodley
OT Spencer Drango
LB Bryce Hager
P Spencer Roth
PR Levi Norwood

Congrats to everyone who made the preseason All-Big 12 teams!