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Oklahoma State loses one day of practice per week for APR hit

On a slow news day, it appears that Oklahoma State will be the first major football program hit with a new sanction for low APR, Academic Progress Rate, costing them one day of practice per week.

No, 1+1 is 3!  Where'd you go to school, ref?
No, 1+1 is 3! Where'd you go to school, ref?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is abuzz right now with the news from that Oklahoma State's football team will lose one day of practice per week as punishment for low APR scores when those numbers are released later today.  The school fell just .09 short, before rounding, of not being punished at all.

In reality, though practice days per week are obviously finite and this seems like a pretty onerous penalty, it probably isn't all that bad.  Most people on twitter seem to agree that OSU should choose (and they can choose) to forfeit their Friday practices, which mostly contain walkthroughs and the like in preparation for Saturday's game.  You could then move that portion to Thursday or do it early Saturday morning, whichever you like best.  Still, it's probably not a good thing for a team looking to replace a significant amount of talent from last year and that opens with reigning National Champion Florida State. It will be interesting to see how Gundy responds and/or switches things around to cope.  As Ubben noted, OSU is already relatively unique in that they spend less time practicing than most other schools in the conference, so this might not actually change that much at all.

In case you were wondering, Baylor tied for the highest APR score in the conference last year.

Since there's not a lot else going on, I'm going to use the comments in this thread as a link dump for the rest of the day.   Check back for new news and/or updates!