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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Eleven

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A crazy week eleven is finished. How does the Big 12 rank?

*cue Lion King opening music*
*cue Lion King opening music*
Brett Deering

Baylor obliterated a Sooner team that had only lost two games by a combined five point. TCU had some semblance of a home field advantage (with a whole fifty percent of their student body at the game!) as they ran all over the Snydercats. Texas shut down a beat-up West Virginia team and Kansas finally won a Big 12 game!

10. Iowa St. Cyclones (-2)

Do you want to be last in the Big 12 'Clones? Because this is how you get to be last in the Big 12. This team still beat Iowa, a team that is in the top half of the B1G (which should tell you all you need to know about how bad that league is). At least Hoiberg is coaching your basketball team.

9. Kansas Jayhawks (+1)

My middle school football team won three games over two years. Our high school team went 0-10 one year. I feel your pain, Kansas. Savor this win and tear down those goalposts.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+1)

There's something rotten in Lubbock and it ain't the cow manure. Thankfully, the Raiders didn't play this week after getting rolled over by the Horns, but they do get a pissed off Oklahoma team with a beastly running game at home next week. Good luck.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+0)

The Okies were off this week, but face Texas at home this week, followed by a trip to Waco to face a Baylor team that is looking to pick up a "quality win" (in the committee's words) against a team that they didn't play last year.

6. West Virginia Mountaineers (-1)

The 'Eers continue to fall as they simply couldn't compete athletically with UT, especially after facing Baylor and TCU in two of the past three weeks. Had the 'Eers (and the refs) not beaten Baylor in Morgantown, Holgo and company likely would be an afterthought in the Big 12. This team nearly beat Alabama though, which should tell you something about Saban's crew.

5. Texas Longhorns (+1)

I am legitimately glad we played Texas when we did. Sure, they still do not have much of an offense, but Coach Strong's defense is incredibly impressive. Texas should pick up their sixth win at Oklahoma State this weekend to become bowl eligible, then they get a bye week to prepare for TCU at home on Thanksgiving. That is a game that Texas very well could win.

4. Oklahoma Sooners (+0)

Well, I'm not really sure what to say here. I expected Baylor to win a close one because they were the better team, but good grief, this was a beating. Baylor made Oklahoma tap out at home and emptied a stadium that has sold out for nearly 100 straight games in the third quarter. The play calling was frankly abhorrent on defense, especially to start the second half. OU has a ton of things to figure out. Thankfully, they get the dregs of the Big 12 to close out the season to tune up for a bowl game.

3. Kansas State Wildcats (-1)

Kansas State was never in this game. You had one job, K-State, and you failed. Still solidly in third place in the Big 12, but they are no longer in the top tier.

2. TCU Horned Frogs (-1)


1. Baylor Bears (+2)

Only way to settle this donnybrook is to have Baylor and TCU meet on the field and see who comes out on top. Oh wait, we already did that. Yes, TCU has a "stronger" OOC schedule, though you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that Baylor wouldn't roll over a Minnesota side that is 7-2, but hasn't beaten anyone of note. Their best win is over Iowa, a team that lost to Iowa State, the worst team in the Big 12. Give me a break, Fatty Patty. I am fully behind Baylor playing a tougher OOC schedule, but if you're going to harp on Baylor for OOC, you have to harp on the majority of the SEC for OOC as well. Then there's the Oklahoma conundrum. TCU beat Oklahoma by four in Fort Worth. Baylor crushed them by 34 in Norman. Yeah, that's a point for Baylor. I am preaching to the choir here, but nobody can ignore the head to head. Well, nobody should ignore the head to head.

Big 12 Tiers:




IV - OSU, Tech


Final Four and Top Ten:

The Final Four Right Now:

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs - They haven't lost and they have actually beat good teams.

2. Oregon Ducks - Mariota is the best player in the country, especially because he is doing all of this without an offensive line.

3. Baylor Bears - Play like they did against OU and the Bears would beat any team in the country.

4. TCU Horned Frogs - Play like they did against KSU and the Frogs would beat any team in the country.

The Final Four at the End of the Season:

Same as above. If all of the above run the table, as I expect them to do, they should absolutely be in over an undefeated FSU (who is really due for a loss sometime soon and isn't a top four team anyway). Honestly, neither an 11-1 Baylor nor an 11-1 TCU should be left out of the playoffs.

The Top Ten:

1-4. See above.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide - I'm not convinced the Tide are deserving of this ranking, but I do think they'd beat FSU.

6. Florida State Seminoles - The Noles looked flat against a terrible team again. Their best win is also...Clemson? And people give Baylor schedule crap.

7. Arizona State Sun Devils - The Zonans looked very impressive as they dominated an overrated Notre Dame team. They do have that inexplicable home blowout loss to UCLA though.

8. Ohio State Buckeyes - Since losing to Virginia Tech, the Bucks have looked pretty good. But they lost to Virginia Tech and their schedule isn't good enough to overcome that.

9. Auburn Tigers - I'm not really sure how Auburn lost to A&M, though it was a joy to see them get exposed like that. Still top ten because they have good wins at K-State and versus LSU and Ole Miss, though they could easily drop with a flat performance against Georgia.

10. Michigan State Spartans, I guess?