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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Seven

I'm writing this on a Sunday evening and I am pretty sure Baylor and TCU just scored again.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Is this real life? Baylor pulled off what might just be the most improbable comeback in the history of football. Scaramouche had put a figurative gun against our head, pulled the trigger, and we were dead. Then Baylor, as Baylor is wont to do, asked for a dance.

The rest is history. Let's dance with the rankings now, shall we? We are having a good time, after all.

10. Kansas Jayhawks (+0)

Ohhhh Kansas. You were so close. In front of a raucous crowd of 15,000, the Jayhawks were a kickoff return for a touchdown away from forcing overtime. But, in typical Kansas fashion, they lost. It's okay, 'Hawks, the Royals are doing really well!

9. Iowa St. Cyclones (-1)

Sorry 'Clones. I like you, I really do. The problem is that you barely beat Toledo at home and because of that, I am forced to move you down in the rankings. Freddie approves of your yellow uniforms though...maybe.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+1)

Saturday served to remind the masses that weird things happen in Lubbock. Weird things like the 2014 Red Raiders playing decently well and a West Virginia kicker making a 55-yarder to win the game. Tech's run defense is still Tech's run defense though and they won't be moving up any time soon unless they can fix it. They've got the coach that's a hit with the player's mom's though, so that's something.

7. Texas Longhorns (+0)

The feisty Horn defense slayed yet another Big 12 offense with their domination of Oklahoma in really almost every way. Coach Strong is quickly whipping his boys into shape, yet I don't see Texas making strides anywhere with such a young and inexperienced offense. They simply can't put up enough points to win.

Slight deviation from the preceding usage of "Queen gifs", but it's so Texas.

5/6. Oklahoma State Cowboys and West Virginia Mountaineers (+0)

I honestly don't know what to think about these two. One the one hand, they both have good losses against teams that look less than what the media thought they were at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, Oklahoma State nearly lost to Kansas and West Virginia nearly lost to Tech. The Okies are probably the better team when the good 'Pokes show up. When the bad 'Pokes show up... Same with the 'Eers.

4. Kansas State Wildcats (+0)

The Snydercats had a bye week otherwise they might have moved above Oklahoma with a win. They get Texas at home in a game that should be very telling in how they stack up against the teams above them.

Imagine Snyder saying that.

3. Oklahoma Sooners (+0)

Statistics get thrown out the window in rivalry games. However, this Oklahoma team should have beat the Longhorns more comfortably, but they did beat them, and that's the important thing. Trevor Knight and the offense need to step up if they want to maintain pace with Baylor in a few weeks and the defense that gave up 334 yards to Swoopies can't do that if they expect to contain the best quarterback in the Big 12. OU remains at three for now, but the gap between them and K-State is closing. For now, though:

2. TCU Horned Frogs (+0)

If you took a gander at any TCU social media platform Saturday night, you saw that TCU fans were saltier than the Dead Sea. Was the final pass interference call a bit weak? Sure. Was there a blatant no-call facemask on a Shock Linwood fumble earlier in the game? You know it. The refs sucked, but TCU has no one to blame but themselves for the loss. So here's what I say to the salt:

That being said, I still think TCU has the quality to be a playoff team. They won't (by their own hands) make it because the remainder of the schedule isn't set up for a signature win late in the season over a top team, but they are certainly still in the hunt. If it comes down to it, OU will probably get the nod in a tie situation because of their OOC schedule, but TCU really should. Heck of a game, Froggies. Now, teach your coach to not taunt the students.

1. Baylor Bears (+0)

Not much to say that hasn't already been said. Baylor is the clear number one in the Big 12 and is fully in control of their destiny at this moment. They're the Freddie Mercury of the college football world: flashy, unconventional, and a whole heck of a lot of fun to watch.

Big 12 Tiers:

I. Baylor, TCU


III. OSU, WVU, Texas

IV. Tech, ISU

V. Kansas

The Final Four and the Top Ten

Final Four Right Now:

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Clanga crushed Auburn and took their spot. There's not much argument, in my mind, as to who deserves the number one slot.

2. Ole Miss Rebels - Who knew that when you brought in a ton of good players, you would see benefits? Mack Brown sure didn't. Anyway, the Rebels beat Alabama at home and went on the road and dominated an overrated Texas A&M team. I'm not convinced they are going to make it through to the Egg Bowl unscathed, but the defense has been incredible.

3. Baylor Bears - Baylor would beat Florida State if they played this weekend, no doubt in my mind.

4. Florida State Seminoles - I guess they'll get the spot because they haven't lost yet and they didn't let UNC put up 43 on them... I think TCU would beat them though.

Final Four at the End of the Season:

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs - They've got an easier schedule going forward than Ole Miss, though Ole Miss does get to host the Egg Bowl. Let's just say that whoever wins that game goes here, assuming they run the table.

2. Baylor Bears - I think the Bears eventually move ahead of the Seminoles. Right now, Baylor has three Top 15 teams left on their schedule. Florida State has Notre Dame and uh...yeah. Florida State's schedule boasts two currently-ranked teams, but Baylor is the one who gets flak for light scheduling.

3. Pac-12 Winner or TCU/OU - I have no idea who this will be as the Pac-12 is as drunk as a frat boy on his 21st birthday right now. If I were picking, the nod would go to TCU, but I don't see the media putting them in.

4. SEC West Runner-Up or Winner of FSU/ND - Speaking of media... In my eyes, both FSU and ND aren't anywhere close to the respective undefeated teams of the past two years. Still, they haven't lost. The Irish definitely have a tougher schedule to the Playoffs should they survive at FSU; they have to go to USC. I'm tossing the SEC West in here because you know sEcSPN is going to want a second one of their babies in the Playoff (Okay, also because whoever gets second could probably beat most teams in the country).

Top Ten:

1. Mississippi State Bulldogs

2. Ole Miss Rebels

3. Baylor Bears - I could easily put them over Ole Miss too, but I'll refrain for the time being.

4. Florida State Seminoles

5. TCU Horned Frogs - Yup.

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish - They're undefeated, so they can stay up here.

7. Auburn Tigers

8. Alabama Crimson Tide - With both of these schools it's because their lone loss is a "good loss"

9. Oklahoma Sooners - A bit unsure about putting them here but I don't think MSU or UO beats them.

10. Oregon Ducks - The Ducks beat the Spartans, so they get the nod.

On the outside looking in: Kansas State, Michigan State, and Georgia.

Tennant out.