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The Big 12 Conference as the Houses of Westeros

In celebration of Art Briles possibly quoting the widely acclaimed fantasy series/HBO TV show Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire for the bookish among us), we took a look at the Big 12 Conference as Westerosi Houses.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that on Monday, Art Briles said,  "We looked death in the face the other day and said, 'Not today.' " There is some debate as to whether he was channelling Game of Thrones, the popular fantasy HBO TV series and fantasy book series A Song of Ice And Fire since it's not a direct quote (he was totally channeling GoT). Regardless, this revived a discussion that commenter ATuegel and I had over the summer: What would the Big 12 look like as Westerosi Houses?* We had several schools figured out but simply ran out of steam on the idea, but yesterday restored our interest in the topic and we decided to see where it took us. We enlisted the help of one of ODB's own graphical wizards, Ted Harrison, and this was the result. While the majority of the sigil ideas and house words were a collaborative effort between ATuegel and myself, the graphics are 100% Ted, and if I may say so, they take this little project from a fun diversion and make it something great. Huge thanks to him.

*In case you aren't familiar with either the series A Song of Ice and Fire or HBO's Game of Thrones, here's a brief background on what you're seeing. The series is set on the fictional continent of Westeros, which is divided into 7 regions that are united under one king. Each region is governed by a "great house," (essentially a family), which has "lesser houses" that swear fealty to each great house. Each house, great and small, has its own sigil and house words. The sigil is the emblem that is emblazoned on the family's crest, and the house words are its motto.

House Baylor

House Words: Hand Times are for Your Momma
Sigil: The Heisman Bear, Quartered in Green and Gold


House Kansas

House Words: Basketball is Coming
Sigil: Hoop on Blue, Backed in Red


House Kansas State

House Words: Not That Manhattan
Sigil: The Purple Mask Argent, Adorned With Cat Regardant


House Iowa State

House Words: Though All Men Despise Us
Sigil: Cy in Red Argent


House Oklahoma

House Words: 2000 was Thirteen Years Ago
Sigil: The Stoops Visor On a Field of Crimson


House Oklahoma State

House Words: T. Boone Always Pays Our Debts
Sigil: Pickens Plan Windmill, Backed in Orange


House Texas

House Words: We Have Our Own Network
Sigil: The T-Shirt On Longhorn Caboshed in White


House TCU

House Words: We Need Tarps
Sigil: Bleachers Emblazoned on Purple over Red


House Texas Tech

House Words: Hodor
Sigil: Craig James Resplendant Atop a Field of Crimson, Grey Fess
*While the house words were my idea, the beautiful sigil was all Ted.


House West Virginia

House Words: Our Couches Burn Bright
Sigil: A Couch Aflame on Gold, Corned in Navy