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Official Holiday Bowl Prediction Thread

We're exactly 24 hours out from the 2012 Holiday Bowl pitting the Baylor Bears against the UCLA Bruins, meaning it is finally time to make your predictions for the outcome of tomorrow's game.


12 games down, 1 to go against the UCLA Bruins. Will Lache Seastrunk kick off his Heisman campaign in style or will he underwhelm? Will the much-maligned Baylor defense continue its relative hot streak of the last 5 weeks or will the shootout so many expect materialize? Who has the better game-- Nick Florence or Brett Hundley? Does Baylor get its second-straight bowl victory? You've got predictions the world needs to know, and now is the time to share them.

In the comments below, give me your thoughts on tomorrow's (or today's, depending on when you read this) game. Vote in the poll, as well. In case you need more stats than I've given you, check out the Statmilk preview for tomorrow's game.

Check back to this thread at noon tomorrow, when I will give you my official predictions for Baylor vs. UCLA!