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Get ready for the Lache Show!

Is Art Briles planning to deploy mad Seastrunkings on UCLA in the Holiday Bowl? Apparently.


Those who read the blog regularly know how big of fans we at ODB are of Mr. Lache Seastrunk, the 5* RB recruit turned Oregon transfer turned Baylor sensation. I've already started up the Seastrunk For Heisman bus for 2013 and it is not stopping any time soon.

Now, according to a couple of tweets from Steve Greenberg of the recently-defunct Sporting News, Art Briles may be getting in on the action. To wit:

Best 7-5 team in CFB? I'm thinking it's Baylor. Speaking of, Art Briles told me today Bears could win Big 12 in 2013.

The embed function in twitter isn't working on my computer for whatever reason, so I'll clean this up a bit when I get home. This tweet is just the appetizer, however, and as to the substance, I think I agree. It's easy to forget that Baylor lost three road games this season by 7 (West Virginia), 6 (Texas), and 8 points (Oklahoma). With the team obviously finishing on a high note with wins over #1 Kansas State and a ranked Oklahoma State team sandwiched around a victory over Texas Tech, it's easy to see why Mr. Greenberg might also say this:

Bingo. RT If CFB had a 48-team tournament, Baylor would be the proverbial 7-5 team no one wants to play.

Screw it, now I want a 48-team tournament. But that's not what you came here to see. This is:

Lache Seastrunk's season high in carries is 19. He'll top 20 vs. UCLA. Briles planning to turn him loose in a big way.

From the first tweet in the series, I'm going to assume Greenberg actually spoke with Art Briles. With that in mind, I'm not going to question the veracity of the information. I also really want to believe it, so there's that, too.

Be still my beating heart. It appears LacHeisman2013 starts next Thursday, ladies and gents.