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2012 Holiday Bowl

Baylor vs. UCLA Statistical Preview

6 days separate us from the 2012 Holiday Bowl, with one of those days being Christmas. What better time could there be than the present to dissect Baylor vs. UCLA?

The 2012 Holiday Bowl ended 49-19

The picture above is a still from the last play of the game, when Jim Mora decided to double down on what my dad would call "chickenshit" and throw for the endzone as time expired.

Top 10 Baylor Moments of 2012

Now that 2013 is actually upon us, I decided to take a look back at the top moments from the year that was in 2012. This list is confined to January 1 through December 31, so the 2011 football season is out, despite how awesome it was.

Love Fest! Or, The Holiday Bowl Gameday Experience

One fan's experience at the 2012 Holiday Bowl. Baylor Nation showed up in force and did our University proud!

2012 Holiday Bowl Highlights

Because it never gets old watching Baylor demolish one of the same schools that reportedly nixed our inclusion in the Pac16-that-almost-was two years ago. And winning bowl games is nice, too, of course.

Baylor vs. UCLA -- The Aftermath

Let's carry over the celebration from last night's win to the basketball game in Spokane tonight against Gonzaga, shall we? The Bears are a heavy underdog in that contest but maybe our west coast fortune continues?

Featured Fanshot

Holiday Bowl Recap

Good read, not only on the Holiday Bowl, but on the state of Baylor football in general. Amazing how far this program has come.

The Baylor Bears are the 2012 Holiday Bowl Champs

After going up 35-10 at the half, Baylor salted away a rout in the second, finishing the game with a 49-19 (as it should be) victory over the UCLA Bruins. Everything went right for the Bears tonight in an absolutely dominant win across the board.

Halftime: Baylor 35, UCLA 10

The first half could not have gone better for Baylor absent Christ himself returning at the half with a chorus of angels behind him and all believers ascending into Heaven. The defense is playing its best game of the season, the offense is rolling, and the world is seeing what the Bears are all about.

2012 Holiday Bowl Game Thread

After nearly a month off from college football, we're back and ready to go tonight from San Diego, California. Let's hope the Baylor contingent on-hand is as big as it sounds from twitter and facebook!

Baylor sporting green/white/white vs. UCLA

The rumored new helmets apparently didn't materialize, and Baylor will take the field in the familiar matte greens with white jerseys and white pants.

This stream has:

The Holiday Bowl has arrived!

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived as the Baylor Bears kick off tonight at 8:55 CST against the UCLA Bruins in sunny San Diego!

Holiday Bowl Pre-Game Notes

Everything you need to know leading up to tonight's game on ESPN, wherein our Baylor Bears will face off against the UCLA Bruins.

2012 Baylor Regular Season Highlights

Get in the spirit of Game Day! today with the highlight video presented last night at the official Holiday Bowl banquet.

Holiday Bowl Prediction Thread

We're exactly 24 hours out from the 2012 Holiday Bowl pitting the Baylor Bears against the UCLA Bruins, meaning it is finally time to make your predictions for the outcome of tomorrow's game.

'Twas the Night Before the Holiday Bowl...

Standing in for the Daily Bears Report tonight, I have everything you need to know about tomorrow's game, the last for 2012's outstanding group of receivers and another chance for Baylor Nation to show how far we've come!

San Diego Trip Day 2 Video

Our friends Ahmad Dixon and Lanear Sampson take us into the second day of Baylor's trip to the west coast for the 2012 Holiday Bowl!

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National Holiday Bowl Watch Party Lists

Baylor has put together a handy-dandy list of the watch parties for tomorrow's game from coast-to-coast.

Shared from:

Holiday Bowl: You like fun, right?

What Baylor and UCLA lack in truly elite overall play, they make up for with fun and aggression. What more would you want from a bowl game?

Christmas Eve Video-- Baylor Football in San Diego

Baylor's team arrived in San Diego yesterday for the Holiday Bowl festivities, visiting a local hospital and dining with troops after conducting the first practice for Thursday's game.

12.23.2012 Daily Bears Report: Christmas Eve eve!

I'm going to be out most of the day today, so here's everything I could find this morning about Baylor Athletics from across the intertubes.

12.21.2012 Daily Bears Report

With all that nonsense about the Mayan Armageddon behind us, here's everything important and even not so important in the world of Baylor Athletics. The big news concerns tonight's nationally-televised basketball game against BYU.

Get ready for the LACHESHOW

Is Art Briles planning to deploy mad Seastrunkings on UCLA in the Holiday Bowl? Apparently.

12.19.2012 DBR: Rocking the Vols

If you didn't watch last night's game, you missed a bloodletting of epic proportion in the first half, especially, as the Lady Bears took a 25-point lead into the break and never looked back.

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ESPN's Holiday Bowl Preview Video

2 of 3 "Experts" picked the Bears to triumph over the Bruins next Thursday evening, based largely on our offensive firepower. Shocker of shockers, right? simulates 2012 bowl season

Simulation site WhatIfSports has previews/matchups available for every game in just about every sport, as well as historic games between teams from entirely different eras.

Holiday Bowl First Look: UCLA Bruins

With the Holiday Bowl only 10 days away, it's time to start looking at the Pac12's UCLA Bruins.

Half of Baylor's Holiday Bowl Allotment Sold

Other fanbases probably scoff at the idea of celebrating selling 6,000 tickets to a bowl game, but for Baylor to get that many tickets sold already for a game in San Diego is quite impressive, indeed.

Holiday Bowl Intro Video

Stop what you're doing and watch this video, it won't take long. Two weeks from tomorrow our Bears take on ... well, their bears, actually ... in the Holiday Bowl. Are you ready?