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Baylor Stadium

McLane Stadium Aerial View Video from Baylor SESP

Looks like Baylor Athletics got in on that drone game!

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The McLane Stadium groom's cake is going viral

I've seen groom's cakes before that were nice but nothing like this.

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TXDOT says I-35 bridge work on track for McLane Stadium opening

Now about those center bridges...

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Baylor announces alumni, friend giving to Clyde Hart Track & Field Stadium

I'd love nothing more than to see our track program built into one that can win Big 12 Championships again.

Sailgating at McLane Stadium is really happening

On the heels of a survey of sorts recently sent out to season ticket holders, Baylor AD Ian McCaw affirms that there will be sailgating at McLane Stadium in 2014.

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Map of Tailgating Locations at McLane Stadium

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Tractor Pulls and Concerts at McLane Stadium

Has anyone here ever been to a tractor pull?

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New Baylor Track Facility named the Clyde Hart Track and Field Stadium

Pretty fitting, I'd say.

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200 days to McLane Stadium

I wish they were photoshopped onto a boat in the middle of the river, but I'll take what I can get.

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Amazing McLane Stadium 3-D Viewer

h/t to Ashley Hodge on BearsTruth for this. I'd never seen it before.

Worker Drowns in Accident at McLane Stadium Site

Though details are sketchy at the moment, there was apparently some kind of accident at the stadium site today resulting in one or more workers falling into the Brazos River.

Baylor holds McLane Stadium "Topping Off" Ceremony

This afternoon, Baylor held the "Topping Off" ceremony for McLane Stadium, marking the placement and installation of the last structural truss.

Seating Schedule for McLane Stadium Released

The Baylor Bear Foundation is emailing members with details about timing for selecting seats at McLane Stadium. We've got details for you inside.

Baylor Stadium renamed McLane Stadium

A few minutes ago, Baylor announced that the new riverside stadium complex will be renamed from Baylor Stadium to McLane Stadium in honor of the McLane family and their contributions to the school.

Friday News: Baylor FB takes it to the BANC

Welcome back to a now operable ODB on this Friday morning. The site delays were unfortunate but allowed us the opportunity to collect even more links/info for your frantic consumption.

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Inside Baylor Sports: Farewell to Floyd Casey Stadium

In case you missed it yesterday.

11/27 Baylor Stadium Update

The magnificent new home of Baylor Football on the Brazos is nearly half-done with just over 9 months until the first game.

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Baylor Stadium Picture 10/22

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Regents approve Track Facility Phase 2

The entire facility is slated now to cost $18.1 million, a number I'm sure is lower than the total probable cost, since the land was cleared and planed as part of the Baylor Stadium project.

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Baylor Stadium -- 9/19/2013

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Image of Baylor Stadium scoreboard width

WOW. Seriously.

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Latest photos of Baylor Stadium

Includes a few never-before-seen renders and construction pictures of Baylor Stadium.

New Baylor Alumni Building on the Stadium Site?

The very early renderings of Baylor's new stadium contained a glass-enclosed structure located off the southeastern edge of the horseshoe. It was later removed for financial reasons, but might it be making a return as the new Baylor Alumni building?

Waco Riverside Development clears first hurdle

The potential pitfalls facing the plan to revitalize Waco's downtown and transform the Brazos riverside area are still legion, but things are at least moving in the right direction for now.

Brazos Riverfront Development Animation

This video started making the rounds today in a weird format you had to download, so I uploaded it to Youtube for all to see. Share it far and wide!

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Baylor plans farewell season for Floyd Casey

Beyond the proposed throwback jerseys for the final game against Texas, Baylor has put together a slate of events to commemorate the final season in FCS' 64-year-history.

Baylor Stadium Update: June 2013

The good folks at SicEmSports Productions provided a new update two days ago about Baylor Stadium's progress that I completely missed. Sorry about that.

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Cross-section of Baylor Stadium compared to Floyd Casey

McCaw: Season Tickets Sales on Record Pace

Baylor AD confirms that season ticket sales are on pace to break the 20,000 barrier.

Paul Foster pledges $35 million to Baylor projects

Baylor announced a $35 million pledge to the new stadium and business school projects, bringing them even closer to completion and full funding.

Baylor approves $13.6 million track facility

The quest to bring all of Baylor's varsity sports back to campus took another step today. Next-door to the $250+ million Baylor Stadium will be a brand-new $13.6 million track facility, complete with lockerrooms, stadium seating, and training.

Baylor Stadium Video Update: 5/14

The official video from the folks at Baylor SESP with the latest updates on the finest stadium anywhere close to the Brazos River.