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Baylor is apparently serious about this Sailgating thing

On the heels of a survey of sorts recently sent out to season ticket holders, Baylor AD Ian McCaw affirms that there will be sailgating at McLane Stadium in 2014.


Good news for those of you interested in sailgating at McLane Stadium next year: it's happening.

Sixteen boat slips doesn't sound like all that many, but the potential for a hundred boats in the lagoon/harbor/whatever they're calling it was never that great to begin with.  My appreciation of the entire sailgating phenomenon has always been that it was more of a novelty than a truly unique aspect of the stadium environment, a way to tie in the Brazos River to the stadium construction beyond the bridges and obvious fact that there's a freaking river right over there.  Still, I imagine that if things go well with the first sixteen slips and people manage to avoid drunken boating accidents without too much trouble, use of the river as an actual waterway will expand over time.  Consider this a trial run, of sorts.

You should read more of Craig's twitter feed for updates from McCaw about the stadium and everything going into it.  One other caught my eye:

Aside from being good business (they don't do those things for free, you know), I'm glad to see that Baylor knows what it will have on its hands with this new stadium, which will be the finest in Central Texas.

Also, one other thing while I've got you here: apparently Baylor is making "Dream Big, Dream Baylor" a new motto of sorts.  I may be behind the times, but I heard it first (recently, at least) when 2015 DE Louis Brown visited campus in the middle of last week (he actually said "Think Big, Think Baylor," but I consider them the same idea).  I assumed it was just something he heard during his visit.  Now Briles is tweeting it in a much more official capacity.  I like it.

Those of you on campus, is this a thing now and I just missed it?