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Accident at McLane Stadium site, one man missing in Brazos River

Though details are sketchy at the moment, there was apparently some kind of accident at the stadium site today resulting in one or more workers falling into the Brazos River.

I don't have a picture for an accident.
I don't have a picture for an accident.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, a pair of workers on the pedestrian bridge across the Brazos River leading to Baylor's new McLane Stadium fell into the river this afternoon/evening.  It sounds like one has been recovered while the other remains missing.  We have little official information at this point, but I will update the thread as more becomes available.

Below, the latest updates from twitter.  KWTX also has information on their website.

It's been well more than an hour since the person supposedly went into the water. Chances are slim at this point that anything good happens tonight, but I'll keep updating.


Thoughts and prayers to his family from everyone at ODB.