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Baylor holds "Topping Off" ceremony for McLane Stadium

This afternoon, Baylor held the "Topping Off" ceremony for McLane Stadium, marking the placement and installation of the last structural truss.

Populous (on twitter)

Just a few minutes ago, Baylor AD Ian McCaw and President/Chancellor Ken Starr participated in a "Topping Off" ceremony for McLane Stadium, the new riverside home of the Bears slated to open in time for the start of the 2014 season.  While it does not mean that the stadium is finished (as you can tell by looking at it), this ceremony marks the installation of the last structural truss.  The skeleton of the new stadium is complete.

You are rocking that hat, President/Chancellor Starr. Siccing them with fashion now.

Obviously, tremendous work remains to be done at the Stadium site.  According to @BUFootball, about 40%, most of which I assume will be the finishing out of the interior.  The canopy is also not yet complete, although that is probably one of the least time-intensive things they have left to do.  A few more pictures of the Stadium today from twitter:

This will truly be one of the premier athletic facilities in the country, and we are lucky to have the vision and dedication of all of those who made it happen.

My guess is that at some point today we're going to get a video from the press conference and perhaps a few more pictures. I'll update the post as those become available.