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McLane Stadium Seat Selection Delayed

Getting hyped to make your seat selections? You're going to have to wait a couple of extra months to find out where exactly you'll be sitting in McLane Stadium.

McLane Stadium is coming along quite nicely.
McLane Stadium is coming along quite nicely.
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This morning the Baylor Bear Foundation sent out an email update to its members, informing them of a delay in the selection procedures for seating inside McLane Stadium for 2014. Originally planned to begin in mid-February, the selection will now begin on April 10 and run through early June.

The email stated multiple reasons for the change, including a desire not to conflict with scheduling for men's and women's basketball, allowing parking selection to be included in the process, and the decision to add additional chair back seats on the west side of the stadium for Bear Foundation members. This last bit of news is somewhat intriguing, since the original plans for the stadium already increased the number of chair back seats over what was available at Floyd Casey Stadium.

Also included was information about requesting group seating. If you're a BBF member and want to sit with other BBF members, you must request being part of a group. The selection order of the entire group will be determined by the priority of the lowest-ranking BBF member in the group. Higher-ranking members of the group will still be given a selection time, but will have to inform the BBF of their plans to select at a later time with the rest of their group.

Here's the schedule as released today:

  • February: Confirmation emails will go out to BBF Members who were 2013 Season Ticket holders. Maximum ticket quantity and 2013-2014 Giving Level will be confirmed at this time.
  • March: Brochures to be mailed out containing assigned selection times and detailed instructions on how to select your seats and navigating the entire process.
  • April 10-May 2: Seat Selection for 2013 Season Ticket Holders who were BBF Members as of 11/22/2013.
  • May 5-May 30: Seat Selection for 2013 Football STHs who are not BBF Members
  • June 2-June 6: Seat Selection for new 2014 STHs who are BBF members.
  • Mid-August: Season Tickets to be mailed.

Though it's not explicitly stated, it appears as though the selection process will be handled either online, via email, or over the phone. I'm expecting some sort of online selection process, most likely. Personally, I'd been hoping that the selection process would be done in-person as some other stadiums have done, allowing you to get a feel for what the field will look like from your actual seats. While the virtual seating viewer is nice, it just isn't adequate for providing a realistic view for seat selection purposes.

Are you disappointed by the delay? Are you impacted? What are your thoughts/hopes/dreams for the selection process? Let us know in the comments.