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Baylor Stadium Construction Celebration/Updates

In case you don't follow me on twitter and have been doing other things most of the day, we've had quite the deluge of information related to Baylor's new on-campus stadium over the last two hours or so, including the current status, completion date, the scoreboard, and amenities.

Ronald Martinez

Since I already pasted a few tweets in this morning's DBR and I know people don't like it when I just do that over and over again, we'll try a more narrative approach. From everything tweeted by @BUFootball, @BaylorAthletics, and numerous reporters/correspondents there for the tour and celebration, we've received the following details worthy of note:

  • Judge Starr announced that Baylor has reached $104 million in private philanthropy for the stadium project, a significant amount and one of the major goals of the fundraising activities.
  • Baylor reports 1,500 new season ticket sales for this season (2013) as people jostle to secure seats for 2014 and the new stadium. Plus, winning helps.
  • The stadium is currently ~21% completed, on schedule for the main components to be finished by the end of this year with finishes lasting through next summer. The stadium will be ready for play in August 2014.
  • The scoreboard that I have nicknamed The Ursatron will be somewhere between 4,500 square feet and a much more precise number of 5,018 tweeted today by a reporter on the scene. I imagine he got that from a release of some kind, but I don't think that number has been finalized. The difference is between being the 11th biggest in CFB and the 12th. Our scoreboard now is just over 700 square feet.
  • Baylor Stadium will have 4 times as many concession stands as FCS and 5 times as many bathrooms.
  • About 250 workers are on-site every day, six days a week, at this point. When peak construction begins, there will be nearly 600 every day. As hard as it is to believe, smaller tasks take more people.
  • Random construction notes: 1129 pilings driven, 220,000 cubic yards of dirt moved, 1,400 customized bricks sold so far, 33 million gallons of water in the lagoon drained.
  • Associated Baylor accounts have tweeted a number of pictures from the tour, including a view from the east side of the U, the lagoon, and inside the stadium loop. There is also a neat comparison set of images pointing in and out of the open endzone to/from campus itself.
  • Baylor's Media Communications account posted a short video of the construction.
  • KXXV in Waco/Temple/Killeen will have video from the stadium site at 6 and 10 tonight, per their twitter account.
  • Finally, Baylor is going to don throwbacks for the final game this coming season against Texas. Briles said he didn't know if Texas would do the same and didn't care.
  • Oh, 479 days left.

Official release from Baylor about today's frivolities.