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Baylor Stadium to become McLane Stadium

A few minutes ago, Baylor announced that the new riverside stadium complex will be renamed from Baylor Stadium to McLane Stadium in honor of the McLane family and their contributions to the school.

Bob Levey

I am ... not shocked about this at all, actually. We've long known that Drayton McLane and his wife were the biggest donors for the construction of the on-campus facility slated to open in 2014 and though they initially denied it, rumors persisted that the stadium itself might eventually be named after them. It now will be, apparently, after a fairly surprising move considering McLane himself supposedly chose the name "Baylor Stadium" in the first place. From the wording of the release linked below, it at least sounds like the Regents made the call here, but we can't be sure either way.

I have little to add to this story other than to note the details provided in the official Baylor release about the proposed "alumni events center," the glass building off the southeast corner of the stadium ring that you've probably seen in renderings and informational booklets. That part of the project will cost around $20 million, bringing the total for the stadium facility into the $300 million range. That's something I was interested in hearing about since we hadn't gotten confirmation of whether it would be built. More info about the alumni center...

The alumni events center would be located on the south side of the stadium plaza and would include:
• a 40,000-square-foot, multi-story glass building
• potential for a rooftop terrace and shade canopy
• space for meetings and banquets

Sounds pretty spectacular. I'm sure they're canvassing hard among the wealthiest of our alumni to find someone willing to buy the naming rights for that, and it will be fantastic. I can't wait to see a game at McLane Stadium!