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Baylor Unveils Logo for New Riverside Stadium

The new Baylor Stadium on the banks of the Brazos will be one of the finest in all of college athletics, and today, in a ceremony honoring the founding donors for the project, Baylor unveiled the logo that will emblazon it.

Out with the old, in with the new.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Sarah Glenn

Just a few minutes ago, in a ceremony at Highers Athletic Complex, the Baylor Regents announced and presented the logo for the new Baylor Stadium Project. Here's the full story from about the Founders and what they've done to make this Stadium a reality. Baylor released the following names as "Founders":

• The McLane Family of Temple: Drayton, BBA '58, and Elizabeth McLane Jr., Drayton, BBA '96, and Amy McLane III, and Denton, BBA `99, and Amy McLane
• John Eddie, BBA '76, JD '78, and Sheridan Williams, of Houston
• Paul, BBA'79, and Alejandra Foster, of El Paso
• Clifton, BBA '63, and Betsy, BA '71, Robinson, of Waco

One of the regular readers here graciously offered to take pictures of the stadium model for me, so look for those to go up in a gallery once I can get the files from him. I'm excited!