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Want to see Baylor Stadium? You can!

TXDOT, ever faithful in their quest to serve the public of our great state, has one-upped themselves by installing a camera overlooking the construction of the new Baylor Stadium!

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

Really cool move by TXDOT to put up a camera that, I believe, will be available all day every day to show the construction of Baylor Stadium. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's just meant to show the river bridges, but I'm going to give TXDOT the benefit of the doubt and assume they did this for Baylor fans everywhere. They could use the public image boost, I think. They obviously did it with the help of Baylor since I'm pretty sure the camera is on top of Robinson Tower.

As for the picture from right now, you can see the casements being put in on either side of the existing roadways for the new bridges, as well as a ton of earth being moved where the new stadium will actually sit. Brian has been posting a ton of images on a weekly basis over on BearsTruth that are a little easier to see, but now you can check on the stadium construction yourself any time you want!