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Baylor Stadium

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Watch the Brazos River Bridges light up green and gold

SicEm, Bridges.

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Godspeed, BrickTarp

We barely knew ye.

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I35 bridges in Waco get makeover with color-changing LEDs


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Light-up McLane Stadium Replica

If you missed your opportunity before Christmas to pick up one of these bad boys ...

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2014 College Football Facility Playoff Semifinals-- Baylor vs. Clemson

McLane Stadium needs your help, Baylor fans. Oh, and Texas A&M's Kyle Field has been disqualified because the Aggies were cheating.

Baylor Announces Stripe the Stadium for Homecoming

On the heels of last year's wildly successful BlackOUt vs. Oklahoma, Baylor is attempting its most ambitious crowd choreography yet.

The Tailgate Report Returns

After a bit of a hiatus, the Tailgate Report returns

McLane Stadium's Inaugural Game Aerial Highlights

They should have sent a poet.

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Baylor Stadium opens with a bang at Traditions Rally

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Awesome time-lapse of Baylor's McLane Stadium

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FOOD! McLane Stadium FirstTaste

Meet McLane Stadium, the Most High-Tech Venue Yet

Another great video from Baylor Athletics and Baylor SESP showing off McLane Stadium, the Jewel of the Brazos.

New Technology at Baylor's McLane Stadium

This morning, Baylor held a press conference to officially introduce several of the new technological features at McLane Stadium.

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McLane Stadium from Campus

I'm flying weekly now over the Stadium. This was shot yesterday, and it's a view of McLane that you'd see if you were standing on the BU Campus.......and if you happen to be 200 feet tall. Enjoy! JG BA '74

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Baylor Bears banner for the back of the McLane Stadium scoreboard

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Technology drives game day experience at McLane Stadium
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Baylor announces sellout for SMU, TCU, and Kansas home games

The others will be gone shortly, I assume, and we will have officially sold out our stadium in its first year.

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Great SInow look at Baylor's McLane Stadium
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McLane Stadium one-entry rule

Baylor is restricting entry to McLane Stadium to a single entry, so no stepping out to the tailgate.

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Sailgater's view of McLane Stadium

One of ODB's own took to the Brazos today for a canoe-bound look at the Jewel of the Brazos.

Drone Tour of Baylor's McLane Stadium

You've seen McLane Stadium on a webcam, in pictures, or, if you've been lucky enough to go through Waco, from the highway or ground. But have you seen it from the air?

Baylor Announces Traditions Rally for 8/28

The official kickoff for Baylor's new on-campus football stadium will include a concert, pep rally, and fireworks over the Brazos River.

Inside Baylor Sports goes inside McLane Stadium

Go inside the Palace on the Brazos for the installation of the playing surface upon which Baylor will score ALL THE TOUCHDOWNS.

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Nicknaming McLane "The Bear Pit"

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McLane Stadium at dusk-- June 20, 2014

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Water taxis to McLane Stadium? Maybe.


Baylor Announces 6:30 Kickoff for SMU on FS1

The first game in Baylor's iconic new McLane Stadium on the banks of the Brazos River will kickoff at 6:30 PM on Sunday, August 31, 2015.

McLane Stadium Time Lapse - 100 Days Until Kickoff

With all due respect to Ted and his wonderful videos, I may be more hyped now than ever before.

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Latest Renderings of the Beauchamp Athletic Nutrition Center

That is really going to be amazing on the marina.

McLane Stadium Update -- 4/28

Check out the latest from BaylorSESP on the progress at McLane Stadium.

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Details on Baylor's new Daktronics LED scoreboard

LED boards can go as many digits as we want, right?

McLane Stadium Update April 11, 2014

Curious about the latest developments in Baylor's new Palace on the Brazos? Watch the video below and be amazed!