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2015 PG Jake Lindsey reportedly commits to Baylor

B/R's Jason King is reporting that Baylor swung the commitment of Salt Lake City PG Jake Lindsey this morning. Lindsey is the son of Utah Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey, a former BU player.

Harry How

Every now and then, something happens that completely catches people off-guard, especially in recruiting.  Such was apparently the case today, as B/R's Jason King reported the commitment of 3* PG Jake Lindsey to Baylor.  Lindsey is a 6-4 PG from Salt Lake City, Utah whose father, Dennis Lindsey, played for Baylor in the late 80s, early 90s.  Rivals has him listed as a 3* recruit with offers from Utah, Columbia, Harvard, and St. Mary's, among others.  If his Maxpreps profile is correct, Lindsey averaged 18.5/6.3/4.8/1.7 points/rebounds/assists/steals in his junior year playing high school basketball.

There's a lot going on here that we don't know at this point, including whether Lindsey will walk on at Baylor or receive a scholarship.  The familial connection is also interesting, though I suppose that could go either way.  Is Baylor rewarding a legacy recruit with a scholarship or welcoming him onto the team as a walk-on player?  Until we get more information, we just won't know.  It seems, at least, like people are taking his relatively low recruiting ranking as an indication that he must be walking on, but that's not necessarily the case.  Walk-ons don't typically "commit," and when they do, you don't hear much about it.

I'll look around for more information.  If lamron and others want to chime in and help out, the more the merrier.  For now, it appears that our 2015 recruiting class has now grown to three.

Baylor Basketball 2015 Recruiting Class:

PG Jake Lindsey
SG King McClure

PF Joseph Acuil