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2014 SG Damiyne Durham commits to Baylor

Baylor finally has its first commit of the 2014 class in Oakwood, TX SG Damiyne Durham, who committed while visiting campus today. Here's everything I know about him.


At first glance, the recruiting rankings for new Baylor commit Damiyne Durham aren't really that impressive.  He's a 247 Composite 3* SG and one of the top 300 players in the country by almost any measure, it's just not the level of player we're accustomed to getting.  I also knew nothing about him coming into today and am predisposed against strangers, I guess.

But apparently, we're getting quite the player.  Since I know so little, here's everything I could find on twitter until I have time to do a full update.

This is good info from ESPN 1660's Craig Smoak.  Rick Barnes is not going to be happy about this at all.  Why these offers aren't represented on his 247 profile, we'll have to find out together.

Now this is interesting and could be part of the reason why Durham's rankings aren't very high.  How many talent evaluators make it out to Oakwood? Let's find out more.

That's good stuff! Wells had more to say that was worth reading.



That makes me feel better about things, for sure.  Thoughts from the gallery?

BTW-- Emmanuel Mudiay, the #1 player in the country, is committing to SMU tonight over Baylor, UK, and everybody else in the known world.  That's happening.