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Rumor: Baylor welcomes late-qualifying PG Darren Williams for midweek visit

Having missed out on JUCO SG Desmond Lee and facing at least one likely departure in the face, Baylor's men's basketball team is keeping its options open, reportedly bringing North Carolina PG Darren "Hot" Williams in for a visit today.

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Mike Stobe

Close observers of my twitter account may have noticed a retweet last night about a heretofore unknown PG from Flora MacDonald Academy in Red Springs, North Carolina. I'll repost that tweet now.

At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about this guy, the tweet just popped up when I did my normal twitter searches and it seemed interesting. I know now that he is a member of the 2013 class, makes Pierre Jackson look like a giant at a diminutive 5'9" tall, and apparently has a game predicated almost entirely on speed. Oh, and his nickname is apparently "Hot." He is also rumored, according to someone I talked to, to have been a visitor of Baylor Basketball on campus today. Considering we remain out of official visits for this class, that means he would have had to pay his own way to come. I'd call that a good sign.

As far as his overall recruitment goes, I'm still almost completely in the dark about what has gone on. The fact that he's "down to" us (and three others) hints that we've probably either offered or promised an offer should someone leave, but I don't know that for sure. It sounds like Williams is a late-qualifier academically, but again, i don't know that for sure. Basketball-wise, he has more than a few highlight videos available on Vimeo in case you want to look. I don't have what I would consider even a decent eye for basketball talent, so if you do, I'd appreciate your take.

He also has this from youtube:

I really don't know what to think about that. I'll keep an eye on the situation as a whole going forward. We probably won't hear much, if anything, until Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin decide what they're going to do, since they are the most-likely owners of 2013 scholarships to leave, if anyone does.