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Canadian JUCO PG Kenny-Fred Chery commits to Baylor

Brush up on your Canadian language skills (basically just add "eh?" to everything) because Baylor just pulled a commitment from the Great White North to help alleviate our PG issues for next season.

Here's the bulk of what I know about Kenny-Fred Cherry, Baylor's newest commitment in the 2013 class: his name is apparently either Kenny-Fred Chery or Kenny-Fred Cherry, he's originally from Canada, is 20 years old (so he'll probably play 2 years), and he plays for State Fair Community College in Missouri. He's either 6'0 or 6'1", probably the former. I've been told via twitter that he is a "big get" by someone I respect, but I literally know nothing else about him. Supposedly, UT was involved in his recruitment in addition to Baylor and Kansas State. The first mention of him under either of the names I put above on twitter came yesterday.

UPDATE: NJCAA has his stats from this season. 41% from 3, 44% overall... not bad. And his name is apparently "Chery."

When I have more information, I'll give it to you.

Here's a highlight video from two years ago: