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Baylor makes Tyus Jones' Final 8

Seems weird to celebrate, especially given the company we keep in that final 8, but it's worth nothing.


That is according to Mr. Jones himself via twitter.

Depending on which service you like, Jones is either the best player in the country for 2014 or merely one of the best. He's a point guard from Minnesota, and is probably either Baylor's highest priority for 2014 (because he's possibly the best player in the country) or second-highest behind Emmanuel Mudiay. I'm partial to Mudiay since he has better size and is from Texas, so we probably have a better chance.

I'm not going to get too worked up about this simply because we're so far out and there are 7 other teams mentioned, but it's something to be mentioned, right? I didn't mean that to sound like a moral victory.