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Ish Wainwright to visit for Midnight Madness, Football vs. TCU

Next week's matchup with the TCU Horned Frogs just got a little more important than it was already with 4* SF Ishmael Wainwright coming to town that day.

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

For various reasons mostly relating to recruiting, I've been of the opinion for a while that next week's game against TCU is one of the most important on our entire schedule. We compete with TCU for recruits in football more than we do just about any other school, and it is no secret that TCU has come hard after several of our commits, including WR Quan Jones, NB Travon Blanchard, and OLB Raquaan Davis, who might just be the most underrated recruit in our class. Beating TCU at home would help defuse any recruiting momentum they gained over us in the last few weeks from the excitement over joining the Big XII and solidify our current recruits. One of the posters on BearsTruth who is connected to several recruits in our class believes this game might just be the most important we play all season. And with the news breaking that Ishmael Wainwright, who recently cut his list to four schools including Baylor and Texas, will be on campus for an official visit that weekend, it just got a little more important for our athletics department as a whole.

Along with SG Isaac Hamilton and PG Stevie Clark, Wainwright is probably Baylor's best chance for recruiting an immediate contributor in the 2013 class in the backcourt now that the Harrison Twins have cut us from their list. Ohio State is getting the first crack at Wainwright this weekend with Baylor, Texas, and St. John's following in order. I don't know if there is any significance to the ordering of the schools, but I do note that Midnight Madness is that Friday night, October 12, so getting him here for that weekend would seem to be a bit of a coup. ESPN will be in attendance showing Baylor as one of its rotating schools that evening, and I hope Baylor fans come out in droves for the spectacle. In case you missed it last year, I put the highlight video below so you can get a feel for what it's like.

For more information on Wainwright, check out the last post I did on him when he narrowed down his list.