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VIDEO: Moonlight Madness Preview

Moonlight Madness. Tomorrow. The Ferrell Center. 8:30.

Ok, here's a list of the recruits I've heard so far are going to be at Moonlight Madness tomorrow:


PG Stevie Clark -- #60 in ESPN 100. 4* PG by all services. Probably Baylor or Okie State.
SF Ishmail Wainwright -- #26 in ESPN 100. 4* SF by all services. Down to Baylor, tOSU, UT, and St. John's.
PF/C Yanick Moreira (JUCO) -- He's a maybe for tomorrow night. SMU supposedly leads.

Post/C Mercedes Russell-- #1 in ESPNW 100, reportedly down to Tennessee and Louisville in August. Getting her on campus is huge. This one has been rumored for a while.


PG Emmanuel Mudiay -- #5 in ESPN 60. 5* by all services. Former teammate of Isaiah Austin, could be UK-Baylor race.
SF Justise Winslow -- #10 in ESPN 60. 5* by all services. Don't know about a list, but Baylor, Duke, Kansas, UNC, Texas are all in.


PF Elijah Thomas -- #7 on ESPN 25. Recruiting never stops looking ahead, people.
SG King McClure -- #17 on ESPN 25. Best name ever? Had no idea before today this guy even existed, but I like it.