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Baylor topples Kansas State in Manhattan 76-74 to finish 9-9 in Big 12 play

Once again, Baylor PG Kenny Chery stepped up when the Bears needed him most, finishing with yet another career high 29 points.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On February 8, Baylor lost to OU in Norman and dropped to 2-8 in Big 12 play.  A stretch of 7 wins in 8 games, including the only road win by a Big 12 team in the state of Kansas this season, later, the Bears finished 9-9 and ready for Tournament season.  By almost any measure, considering where we were and where we eventually finished, this has to be considered one of the great turnarounds in conference history.  This team was dead exactly one month ago.  Now it will play in the NCAA Tournament with a relatively high seed (most likely).

I'm going to be honest: I saw very little of the second half.  We had things going on around the house, so I was in and out, and when the game started to turn, my limited superstitition got the best of me.  From watching the GameTracker on my computer and reaction on twitter, Kenny Chery was huge again.  Cory Jefferson, despite missing 5 of 8 from the FT line, was also big with 16 points of his own.  That Baylor won a road game to a team that never loses at home despite being outrebounded and hitting just 1/3 of their 3s is fairly amazing.

Because I saw so little of it, I won't waste your time talking about it.  Hopefully those who saw more can share their thoughts in the comments.  This is obviously a huge win for Baylor Basketball if only for the symbolic nature of getting back to .500 in the best conference in college basketball, and it also means the difference between the likely #8 seed and now either the 6 (which would come with a bye to the Quarterfinals) or the 7 depending on the outcome of the ISU-OSU game.

From the twitterverse:

I believe he's talking about the NCAA Tournament with that seeding, just so you know.

Like I said, just a few favorites.  Congrats, Bears!