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Twitter Reacts: Baylor downs #8 Oklahoma State in Stillwater

This should be a lot more fun than in recent days/weeks.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

My initial tweet right after the game ended.

And your responses. The more we do this, the more I'm getting. It's pretty remarkable. I'll actually start with my own:

So there's that.

Doesn't really qualify because it wasn't a response to my tweet, but it still works.

Same for this one. I'm guessing this person meant is positively.

This is true for me, as well. Part of that comes from not knowing the game to nearly the same extent, resulting in frustration out of ignorance. Dumb plays look dumber to me because I often don't know how close it was to not being dumb. I don't see the game the same way.

An excellent response.

About as level-headed and optimistic as any, I'd say.

Franklin was huge, especially down the stretch.


Someone should probably check on him.

One thing people should know about me is that I enjoy good trash talk. Most sports could benefit from significantly more, in my opinion. So I enjoyed this.

Phil Forte, III. ??? -- 2014.

I feel like if I put in a "Should Rico start" poll, the results would be pretty overwhelming.

If you want to crown him...

Some blame fracking. Those that know blame Rico.

I, as well.

Our zone defense scares the ghost of Dr. Naismith.

He tries to act so serious sometimes.

Trash talk and puns. These are two of my favorite things.


Great finish, I think.

Wait, one more.